The Worst Aeroplane Passengers That Actually Exist..

From bare toes in your face, to screaming kids. From duct-taping a drunk to changing a babies nappy in the aisle. We’ve all experienced a passenger from hell at some point on our holidays. But you haven’t seen anything yet…we give you the low-down of what we think are the worst.

1. We don’t know what’s worse…the bag on his head or his belly on full show. We bet the guy next to him was glad he brought his eye mask.


2. The plane is about to crash; the oxygen masks have come down…what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Well for this guy…it’s “take a selfie”


3. We truly hope this guy knows the person behind. Could you imagine laying back turning over in your sleep and then opening your eyes to these cheesy toes in your face…


4. We’ve all seen this guy on a plane. Whatever time it is in the morning, his mission is to get drunk and pass out…


5. No words needed here…


6. Okay, so we all know that kids need their nappies changed. But right in the middle of the aisle? Really?


7. Hmm… has a child been sat here by any chance?


8. The messy passengers…


9. You never know what diseases or bugs you can pick up on a plane. Best make sure…


10. Come on please…I’m trying to watch the film!!


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