World Cup holiday guide: Tunisia

The delightfully named Eagles of Carthage are competing in their first World Cup since 2006 and, as luck would have it, they have swooped into England’s group.

Tunisia will be hoping that captain Wahbi Khazri can wave his wand of a left foot to slay their Group G opponents and propel them to the knock-out stages for the first time in their history. To honour the North African nation’s appearance in Russia we’re taking a look at why you should be paying Tunisia a visit for your summer holiday.

From its incredible beaches to lively markets and souks, let’s take a look at why this unique destination should be on your bucket list.

Why we love it


Tunisia is the beach holiday you have been dreaming of. The country has miles upon miles of unspoilt dunes where you can spend an afternoon without a care in the world. The coastal resorts of Hammamet and Skanes offer the white sand, azure waters and endless cloudless skies you desire. Strap on your snorkel and discover the coral and diverse marine life that calls it home for an unforgettable holiday moment.

If you can tear yourself away from the beach, pay a visit to the fascinating towns. You can’t come to Tunisia without practicing your haggling skills. Head into the markets and souks and barter from a range of authentic gifts and enjoy that rush when you bag yourself a bargain. These are also the place to be to sample delicious traditional North African food.

Explore your sense of adventure by hurtling across the Sahara Desert in a 4×4 or take things a little slower with a camel ride across these famous sands.

What you cannot miss


Tunisia is a country that holds so much intrigue and there is a lot to discover during your stay. While the beaches are the natural attraction and, sometimes, a day spent topping up your tan is incredibly tempting – there is a lot more of Tunisia to see.

The country has a rich history exemplified in the ancient medinas – the most famous being the Medina of Tunis. Originally founded in 698 AD it has over 700 monuments, palaces, mosques and mausoleums and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. It neighbours the Great Mosque of Testour which was originally built in 1631.

Away from the historical sites, one absolute must in Tunisia is visiting the markets and souks. Each town has its own souk which acts as a meeting place for local people as they buy food, gifts and clothing. These bustling souks can be quite hectic at times but you simply have to experience them during your stay.

There is even a little treat for film buffs in Tunisia – you can visit a real-life Star Wars set. The country’s warm and dry climate made it an obvious choice for producers seeking to replicate Luke Skywalker’s neighbourhood in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Tunisia is the backdrop for Tatooine with Chott El Jerid near Toezeur and is still regularly used for filming.

Learn more about what to see in Tunisia is our dedicated blog post.

Eat like the locals


Prepare for a whirlwind of gastronomic delight as you feast on the very best Tunisian cuisine. The country’s food is influenced by both Mediterranean and North African flavours ranging from tasty street food bites like brik – a pastry filled egg, parsley and tuna – to hearty meals such as lamb a la Gargoulette, a sort of lamb hot pot.

As with a lot of its neighbours, couscous features heavily in the Tunisian diet and the country has its own take on this popular dish. Traditionally eaten with lamb or vegetables, this version can include pumpkin, cardoons and cold broad beans. There is no “size requirements” when it comes to Tunisian couscous so bring your appetite.

Don’t forget to pair these delicious meals with a drop of Muscat, Tunisia’s delicious white wine.

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