World Cup holiday guide: Egypt

When Mohammed Salah hobbled off the pitch clutching his shoulder during the Champions’ League final a nation held its breath. The Liverpool forward has been performing heroics for his club side but it is in homeland where he is considered a God.

It was, of course, Salah who scored the penalty to take Egypt to their first World Cup in 28 years and only their third ever. To mark Salah and the rest of his compatriots’ adventure in Russia, we’re taking a look at why you should make Egypt your summer holiday destination. Experience the unique sights; relax on beautiful beaches and scuba dive in some of the best diving sites in the world.

This is just a taste of why you should make Egypt your 2018 World Cup holiday destination.

Why we love it


Just like how Mohammed Salah has captured the hearts of Liverpool supporters, Egypt is winning new admirers from all over the world. There are not many better ways to watch a sunset than sitting on a private beach in awe as the sky turn from blue to blood orange over the Red Sea – this could be your nightly routine in Egypt.

The charming town of Hurghada offers the two sides of Egypt from the traditional old town with its historic buildings, mosques and markets to the cosmopolitan vibes of the modern marina. The beaches are some of the best you will set your eyes on with miles upon miles of perfect white sand complimented with the Red Sea lapping on the shore.

Boasting a wealth of luxurious hotels in a dramatic, picturesque location, you will see why more and more people are choosing Egypt for their next holiday.

What you need to see


Egypt provides the ideal location for a holiday of relaxation. Here you can spend a week or two lounging around a beach, taking a dip in the sea, sampling gourmet cuisine at your luxury hotel and simply recharging the batteries. However, for those that like your break to come with a dollop of adventure there is so much to do.

The coastal town of Hurghada is renowned for its diving sites so strap on your snorkel and discover the marine life below. Book in for a scubadiving class and venture into the magnificent reefs and coral gardens, swim through shoals of fish and marvel at the World War II wrecks dotted along the ocean bed.

The city of Hurghada itself is equally as fascinating. While it was once an unassuming fishing village, it has blossomed into a popular tourist destination but, despite this, has retained of its authentic charm. Walk through the cobbled streets of El Daha (the old town) and you will find a number of mosques, bazaars and cafes at every turn. Alternatively, you could head to the ultra chic Sakalla where you’ll find upmarket restaurants and shops.

If you fancy yourself as somewhat of a Robinson Crusoe then you cannot miss the chance to see the Sahara desert on the back of a camel. However, if you want something a little more comfortable there are a host of desert safaris which leave from Hurghada and to one of the wonders of the world.

Eat like the locals


Egyptian food offers some unique and delicious combinations that you simply have to try. One of the staple dishes for locals is baba ghanoush a side dish that can be eaten at lunch, dinner and even breakfast. This simple dip is made with grilled aubergine and mixed with lemon juice and a range of spices which goes effortlessly with naan bread.

If you’re looking for a heartier dish then try shakshouka – a typical North African dish where eggs are poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chillis, onions and cumin. Another classic Egyptian dish is mesakaa, a healthy evening meal of aubergine, lemon, vinegar, tomato sauce and vegetables served with rice or bread.

Wash it all down with a traditional, refreshing Egyptian tea such as Shay bil na’na.

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