Why Turkey needs to be your summer holiday destination

Stop the presses! Turkey is hot again!

Turkey is enjoying a tourism renaissance with holidaymakers increasingly choosing the country over popular destinations such as Greece. A recent report by travel agency TravelZoo revealed a 46% year-on-year rise for holidays to Turkey and that is set to continue. As uncertainty over Brexit sees the pound struggle to perform against the euro, Turkey is an attractive proposition once again.

From its unspoilt beaches to historical cities, there is something pretty special about Turkey. Here are just a few reasons why you need to be making it your next summer holiday destination.

Just look at those views

If you listen close enough, you’ll be able to hear…absolutely nothing. Turkey’s elegant Turquoise Coast is the paradise you have always dreamed. Gaze out upon miles of milky white sand where only the gentle lapping of the ocean breaks the silence.

The region is the jewel in Turkey’s crown. It is a beautiful scene of sandy coves, vibrant turquoise ocean waters and the greenery of the surrounding countryside. It can be your tranquil hideaway where all the stresses and strains of day-to-day life seem a world away. From your sun lounger, you will be able to see sailing boats bobbing along the shore or floating to nearby Greece.

Wake up every morning to dramatic sunrises and as the evening approaches, you can find the perfect spot to see the sunset. If you have ever pictured paradise before it probably looks like the Turquoise Coast.

Take a history lesson like no other

Away from the spectacular natural beauty, Turkey is a country rich in history with every town along the Turquoise Coast telling its own story. Visit the ancient city of Side and the Temples of Apollo and Athena which dates back to the 2nd century BC, the remaining columns were once the original spots of a frieze of Medusa heads.

There are reminders of the region’s past at every turn. In the quaint riverside town of Dalyan, you will find the remains of Kaunos, an important Carian city during 400 BC, which features an acropolis and Roman bath. The Antiphellos ruins provide a glimpse of ancient civilisation with the Hellenistic theatre remaining in relatively good condition and provides amazing views over the ocean.

While it may be seen as a destination for a holiday of relaxation, Turkey’s ruins and museums will give you an excellent insight into the country’s past.

Indulge in a taste of the high life

Do you want to be pampered at a spa retreat? Do you want taste gourmet cuisine while dining al fresco? Do want to soak up the sun on a private beach? Do you want to watch the sunrise from the balcony of your executive suite? This is the place to live the high life.

The Turquoise Coast is bristling with 5-star hotels where you can sample the very best service in dramatic locations. Treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation by booking into a traditional Turkish bath and then indulge in a series of rejuvenating massages, facials and much more. Is it really a holiday if you don’t come back feeling like a million dollars?

The best part is while you’re getting the 5-star treatment you only walk a couple of metres and you’re in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Bliss.

Taste arguably the world’s best food

We need to talk about Turkish food because it’s, well, incredible.

It is really something how a nation just gets it so right with its cuisine. While you may have thought kebabs were reserved for a 3am antidote to a boozy night, they are an art form in Turkey. The classic doner layers strips of succulent beef in a toasty lavas bread wrap and topped with fresh veggies and drenched in yoghurt and a spicy sauce.

The mouthwatering savoury dishes don’t end there. No trip to Turkey is complete without sinking your teeth into a pide, a boat shaped dough stuffed with everything from a spicy sausage known as sucuk to spinach and eggs. And for those with a sweet tooth you need to have a borek, a filo pastry dish sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Turkey is one of the most enjoyable culinary adventures you are likely to embark on.  

Discover an underrated nightlife

Turkey knows how to throw a party. While it may look like a tranquil paradise during the day, once the sunsets the towns and cities come to life.

The Turkish Riviera lets the party go long into the evening. Both Antalya and Bodrum are renowned nightlife destinations with the Antalya marina bathed in a neon glow in the evening. There are a host of lively bars and clubs to ensure that when you need to let your hair down, Turkey has your back.

Don’t forget to try a glass of Raki, an aperitif served across the Mediterranean but tends to accompany every meal in Turkey.

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