Why Now Is A Good Time To Visit Turkey

Turkey is rapidly increasing in popularity as a holiday destination, due to its rich combination of culture, history and natural beauty, but it is still classed as an underrated holiday location. This could be set to change in 2022 however, as the current economic climate means there has never been a better time for UK travellers to visit Turkey.

Although travelling through Turkey has always been generally cheaper than neighbouring European countries, that is definitely the case at the moment, since president Tayyip Erdogan announced a cut in interest rates, sending the Turkish Lira spiralling downwards in value. The Turkish currency is now at record lows, meaning travelling Brits are getting more for their pound.



The Post Office’s Travel Money Index claims that spending £500 can gain you an extra £200 against the Turkish Lira, compared to if you were making the same travel plans pre-Pandemic. UK travellers can see their money going 20.5% further, and are even seeing an extra £85 on a £500 spend compared to this time in 2021.

Enjoying food and drink in Turkey has never been cheaper

Although flights and hotels for a holiday in Turkey in 2022 will cost the same as previously, your holiday will be much cheaper when you get there, with the cost of food, drink, travel and activities costing much less for UK travellers. It is now estimated that one week’s spending money for two people in Turkey will cost an average of TRY6077 or £329, and the per person cost of this will reduce if you are travelling as a family, because kids’ rates are cheaper and rooms will be shared. 

Your 2022 holiday to Turkey could yet be cheaper still if you exchange your Turkish money when you get to Turkey and not in the UK before you travel. This is because prices are still falling and you could get a much cheaper price in Turkey than if you buy in advance in the UK.



Visit Turkey for your 2022 holiday

Turkey is famous for its breath-taking versatility and its accessibility, with a series of regional airports serving the many different cultural hotspots. Istanbul is the major city destination of Turkey and is a phenomenal location in its own right, with a dazzling array of history, architecture and culinary delights among its many streets and squares.

But much of the country’s tourism is concentrated on the south western coast, and cultural outposts such as the Alanya region, Bodrum region and the Turquoise Coast, otherwise known as the Dalaman region. Here you can enjoy many temples and ruins, but also the wonderful, unspoilt beauty of the Aegean coast, where stable temperatures and an enriching local culture make visiting Turkey in 2022 take pride of place at the top of your ‘To Do’ list.