Why everyone is going crazy for Antalya

We’ve reached that point in the year when everyone has been bitten by the holiday bug. In workplaces up and down the country the main topic of conversation is where people are going this year. Everyone is counting down the days on their calendar before they hit a date with a giant red circle around it named “MARBS 2018”.

The usual suspects are doing the rounds. There’s a girl in accounting heading to Barcelona with her fiancée, the new intern can’t stop talking about his first “lads’ holiday” to Ayia Napa while your boss has booked a villa for the family in the Algarve. However, there is a destination that is surging in popularity – Antalya.

In the past week alone, we have seen a huge increase in bookings to this Turkish delight. So what sets Antalya aside from the pack? Let’s find out.

A taste of traditional Turkey


The Antalya region is one of the most beautiful in Turkey. Colourfully dubbed the ‘Turkish Riviera’ it is the country’s premier tourist destination where the traditional nestles beside the modern providing a memorable holiday moments.

This maybe one of the most upmarket regions in Turkey but you don’t have to go far to experience the origins of this country. Take a stroll through Antalya’s Old Town and try your hand at haggling for handmade gifts at the bazaars. Taste local delicacies in the markets and marvel at the Ottoman architecture that characterise this part of the world.

Among the picturesque parts of Antalya is the Old Harbour which is lined with boutiques and cafes where you can relax and watch the fishing boats come in from the Mediterranean. With historical sites at every turn, it provides a unique twist to your summer break.

The wealth of resorts


Venture away from Antalya and you’ll discover a coastline dotted with delightful towns and resorts that make up the Turkish Riviera. Each has their own individual charm allowing you to create the holiday you have been dreaming of. From laidback vibes to luxurious retreats there is something for everyone along this stretch of coastline.

Sample the high life in Belek – Turkey’s answer to Beverley Hills – where you can tee off on world class golf courses, lounge around private beaches and dine out exquisite cuisine. Follow the lead of Antony and Cleopatra and stay in the coastal town of Side, visit the imposing Temple of Apollo and choose from a wealth of waterfront restaurants.

Then, of course, you can party long into the night in Alanya – the castle city famous for its electronic and techo clubs. Naturally, there are plenty of beaches, hotels and much more to keep you feeling right at home.

Beach lovers’ paradise


Did we mention the beaches in the Antalya region? They’re a pretty big deal around here. Boasting miles upon miles of pristine white sand and with the inviting warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea you will never want to leave.

One of the go-to destinations is Lara Beach – a purpose built tourist destination focused around a huge beach area. However, if you like your beaches with a big slice of scenery then Olympos Beach is for you. The town of Olympos has been attacked by pirates, saved by the Romans, used as a trading port by the Genoeses and Venetians and is home a range of Lycian ruin – this is not your average beach.

You can also step on to the soft sand of Patara Beach – a regular feature among the best beaches in the world lists – and listen to the soothing breeze pass overhead.

Luxurious hotels


When the Antalya region has a resort compared to the most prestigious neighbourhood in California, it goes without saying it boasts a range of luxurious hotels. Belek offers a slice of high life for a price that won’t break the bank.

Dine in some of the most exclusive restaurants Turkey has to offer and then stroll down to the private beach to watch the sunset. Book in for a pampering session at a spa resort or take in a round on championship standard golf courses. It is your holiday and here you can do it in style.

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