What Makes A Great Family Holiday?

As you and your family count the days and weeks down until your summer 2022 holiday, the anticipation builds and the anxiety rises a little too. Holidays can be one of the most stressful things we do, when it should be completely the opposite. A lot of that is down to bad planning and not being prepared, particularly when you are travelling with the family. This can make a relatively straightforward holiday an exercise in keeping calm under pressure.

So we have put together a list of things you should consider in order to plan the perfect family holiday.

Involve everyone

This starts with picking the location and the type of holiday and also what you are doing each day when you are out there. When young children are involved, you need the kids to buy-in to the holiday to avoid tantrums, long faces and sulking. So the location should be a group decision, and some negotiation needs to take place on what to do each day, so that everyone gets their turn and everyone is happy.

Plan activities carefully

On a similar vein, plan each day carefully to ensure you are getting the most out of your location and the facilities. There is no point being in the best location in the world and lounging by the hotel pool all day. Equally, dragging young children around big cities or up a spectacular mountain range might not be ideal either. Apply a bit of give and take and allow for what each member of the family might want to do each day.

Think about food

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a remote location with no access to food or drink and the kids playing up. You can also pick a great hotel with plenty of local culture, but that might not extend to cuisine that your kids are going to like. Make sure all palates are catered for and that you are never too far away from a food source, or at least take your own. 

Make sure you get there

Sounds obvious, but with post-pandemic travel uncertainty, this can be a real problem. Allow yourself the recommended amount of time to get through security checks at the airport. Allow for extra COVID checks at the other end, make sure you have transfers booked and you know where they depart from. Try to travel at a time of day that suits your family, for sleep or meal times. If you have young children,  consider if some locations and flight times are a little too long.

Safety first

The health and safety of your family is paramount, so think about security when you are out and about walking, pool safety, staying safe in the sun and looking after money. Nothing puts a downer on a holiday more than having to deal with local police or hospitals, so take precautions.

Enjoy it

Most of all, do your best to enjoy the holiday. Introduce a mix of activities so there is variety and kids don’t get bored. You will have to pander to their needs and have a few days relaxing. Allow them to play by the pool, but this allows you to mix in a bit of culture and education too. Holidays are a great way to introduce children to new things, so this could be food and drink, an activity, or even just spotting rare wildlife or sea creatures. Push the boat out and stay safe and your family holiday for summer 2022 will be an enriching and valuable one.

So contact Sunmaster today and we can find the perfect family holidays selection for you in 2022!