What are the Rules in Dubai?

If you’re considering a trip to Dubai, there’s just a few things you should probably research before embarking on your journey. When living in dubai it’s best to keep some do’s and don’ts in mind. Dubai is a predominantly Muslim country with traditions and laws guests must adhere to. Here’s some rules which will keep guests happy as well as a few myth busters!



What can you wear in public in Dubai?


While men and women don’t have to be fully covered when strolling around Dubai, there are a few restrictions on what can and cannot be worn in certain places. The safest option when exploring Dubai is to opt for casual outfits – as if you were going to the mall, this means women can wear dresses, shorts, t-shirts, skirts, tops, jeans pants etc. and men can wear shirts, pants, shorts, jeans etc. When visiting religious sites, travellers are expected to cover and dress modestly.


Can I wear a bikini in Dubai?


This comes onto our next question! Yes, bikinis can be worn in Dubai and are allowed on most beaches and hotel pools, however they must be avoided when visiting public beaches where there are families and locals. Tourists are advised to cover up when visiting other areas.


Can I drink alcohol in Dubai?


Yes you can. Drinking alcohol is only permitted in licensed restaurants, hotels and bars. Drinking in public is unacceptable and punishable, including beaches. Dubai has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to public drinking!


Can I kiss my partner or hold hands in public?


Public displays of affection are not well-tolerated in Dubai, while only married couples are allowed to hold hands in public, kissing or hugging are not socially acceptable. Kissing is forbidden in public places in Dubai.


Is it ok to travel to dubai if you’re gay?


Like many Arab countries, homosexuality is considered taboo and not accepted by society. However, gay travellers are less likely to encounter any problems when visiting Dubai as long as they avoid all public display of affections with their partner. Despite the LGBTQ laws, you will find Dubai is a great place to explore, with lavish malls, excellent beaches and exciting restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes.


How hot is Dubai in summer?


In the summer, Dubai can exceed temperatures of 43c making it extremely hot and humid, mainly during July and August. The best times to opt for a holiday in Dubai are in fact from November to April, especially for those trying to avoid the extreme heat.