Visit the Italian island that will refund you if it rains

Nobody likes the rain. Nobody has thrown open their curtains to see water cascading down their window and thought “great, this is great”.

In the UK it rains a lot. It rains in a variety of different ways – fine drizzle that soaks you through, torrential rain that soaks you instantly, sideways rain which simply hurts and that very special kind of rain that falls when there appears to be any clouds in the sky.

Many of us take holidays to escape the rain even if it is just for a couple of days. That’s why it can be extra galling when you arrive in what should be a sunny European destination only to be met with rubbish weather. So what if we told you there is a place that would refund the cost of your hotel should it rain during your stay?

Step forward the Italian island of Elba.

Located off the coast of the famous winemaking region of Tuscany, the island, famous for being the home of an exiled Napoleon, has launched its ‘Elba No Rain’ campaign. It means that if there is more than two hours of rainfall between 10am and 8pm on any of the days you’re staying here, the hotel bill is on the island’s tourist board.

However, there is one slight catch. You need to be booked into a guesthouse or inn approved by the tourist board and that is taking part in the campaign. The rain must fall for two consecutive hours and runs until May 31st before starting again from September 15th to October 31st.

Speaking to CNN, Claudio Della Lucia, tourism co-ordinator for Elba, said: “Tour operators tell us that weather forecasts of a rainy weekend can lead to a drop in bookings and attendance of over 20%.

“The #ElbaNoRain initiative wants to be a concrete assurance to guests that, in the very rare case of a day with steady rain, they can still enjoy everything that the island has to offer without paying a euro for accommodation.

“It’s a pilot project for the month of May, but considering the numerous subscriptions, we’re considering to apply it also for the autumn.”

Unfortunately, there have not been any days so far this spring that have qualified for the ‘Elba No Rain’ rules. Although it is a win-win situation for any holidaymakers as even if it doesn’t rain, you can enjoy one of Italy’s underrated and beautiful islands.

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