Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world

Ever wondered how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world? Although some chocolates, flowers and a few gifts are the typical surprise for many on Valentine’s Day, there are some countries that go the extra mile when it comes to this day full of love. Here are just a few Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world…





One day of love isn’t enough for Argentinians, that’s why a whole week is dedicated in July, called “sweetness week” for lovers to exchange kisses, chocolates and sweets. This began as a commercial invention but later became a tradition! This is usually between the 13th and 20th of July.




In Japan, women are expected to buy gifts and chocolate for their lovers on Valentine’s Day while the men can’t return the gifts until March 14, known as “white day.” Japanese gifts include unique traditionally designed chocolates. 




Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 24th of February in Romania, a mix of Valentine’s Day and a celebration of the spring season. This is the day where many young couples get engaged! One of the traditions includes young couples going to forests to pick fresh flowers.




In Valencia, the day of love is celebrated on 9th October. This day is called the feast of Saint Dionysus, where men make marzipan figurines which are then gifted to their lovers. As well as lively vibrant parades on the streets!




Did you know? The first ever Valentine’s Day card was created in France! There’s no surprise there as France is known as the destination for lovers. A unique French tradition which is now banned included single people standing outside houses calling out for other singletons until they paired off!




February 14th is known as National Chocolate Day in Ghana, being one of the largest cocoa-producing countries, this was introduced to increase tourism. On this day you can expect performances, events and restaurants with themed menus.