Turkey Holidays – Great For Everyone!‏

If you’re planning to take a much deserved Turkey holidaysholiday this year then why not visit one of our many great locations throughout Turkey! This exotic country is perfect for those sunny breaks and offers everything to keep you entertained, whether you are by yourself or with the whole family! Our cheap Turkey holidays are perfect if you want to save money for when you’re actually out there so you don’t have to cut back on enjoying yourself just to afford expensive flights! Our all inclusive holiday deals are designed to help you save and with the year round bargains, there’s always somewhere just waiting to be visited!

If you’re looking for a resort that’s family friendly where you and the kids can relax and have fun, then the town of Alanya is a great choice. Located on the south coast of Turkey, Alanya is a very popular destination for tourists but thanks to the many great hotels and fairly large size of the town there is always plenty of room for everyone! There are two fantastic beaches near by, Eastern Beach and Cleopatra beach. Eastern beach is perfect for families with smaller children as the waters are nice and calm, so you can all have a splash in the water without worrying to much about high waves. Cleopatra beach is located more to the west and is another great beach to enjoy, however the waters aren’t as calm as those at Eastern beach and it can get a little crowded in the summer time, so if you do have kids Eastern beach is probably your best bet! Each have beautiful expanses of golden sand and clear, turquoise waters making the perfect environment for water sports! There is also an excellent selection of restaurants, cafes, bars & shops throughout the town and if you would like to see a little bit of history and architecture, Alanya has that also!

Another Turkish resort that’s definitely worth your holiday time is the town of Marmaris! Located on the southeast Mediterranean coast, Marmaris has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the whole of Turkey! This is mainly thanks to the modern hotels, amenities and great night life that the town has to offer. The centre for nightlife in Marmaris has to be the popular Bar Street, where you will find countless bars and amazing clubs including the Crazy Daisy, which has a capacity of over 1300! The drinks here can be expensive, however if you try one of the many coastal bars along the shore you will find drinks here a substantially cheaper that the crowded bar street. Whichever you choose, you will be entertained! Marmaris is also home to some beautiful beaches that are perfect for everyone, however Marmaris is more suited to those looking to party, so if you’re solely looking for a family destination Alanya is the one for you.

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