Travelling on Friday the 13th: The Guide

Friday the 13th – the day that many of us fear the most – has come round again and if you’re unlucky enough to be travelling on this cursed day, make sure you read our travellers guide to reverse the curse.

This year we have not one – but three of these cursed days in February, March and November…so hold on to your rabbit’s foot extra tight for the triple whammy. It’s not all doom and gloom though, and not everyone believes in the curse of Friday the 13th so read on for some hints and tips on how to be a lucky traveller on Friday the 13th.

Why we are so scared of Friday the 13th ?

With terrible stories and scary movies based around this ominous day, it’s no surprise that we’re so wary of it, especially when flying. You will find that many airlines indicate that bookings are often down due to superstition and rightly so, as Friday the 13th has seen some terrible plane crashes. Take the Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 for example that crashed in the Andes Mountains in 1972, leaving survivors stranded for 72 days – and forced them to eat the dead to survive!

But on the other hand, a lot of airlines slash their prices on Friday the 13th. So if you’re not the superstitious type, then grab yourself a bargain by flying on Friday the 13th.


Would you board a flight to HEL?

If you looked at your flight details and discovered that you would be flying on flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th, what would you do? If you’re superstitious (like us) chances are you would run a hundred miles in the opposite direction and make sure you’re not even near the plane let alone on it.

But, sure enough that’s a decision that passengers on flight AY666 to Helsinki in 2013 had to decide. Strangely, the majority decided to see it through, as the plane was almost full! Thankfully, nothing bad happened and the flight arrived safely. Would you have chosen to board?

 Do superstitions apply in the air?

You may think that large companies aren’t superstitious when it comes to the number 13 or the day itself; but in fact some are! British Airways is a prime example of this, as you will find no row 13 inside their cabins. Although technically there will be a row 13 it won’t be numbered as such, so you won’t have to worry about getting that unlucky number should you decide to fly with them.

Airline crew can also be superstitious, with some touching the same place in a plane each time they are about to fly and when it comes to travellers themselves, good luck charms are also surprisingly common. Do you carry around a rabbits foot or horse shoe?

  scared of flying  

How can I be a lucky traveller?

To help you minimise bad luck when travelling on Friday the 13th, we’ve come up with some helpful tips, so make sure you follow them to avoid the curse of Friday the 13th.

1. Before you depart, make sure you pre-book your seats online to avoid getting split up from your family. This is never nice and can help keep everyone calm when you’re all together.

2. If your bag isn’t easy to spot, make sure you mark it with something that is. How about a brightly coloured belt or a bright patterned cover that will be unmistakable?

3. If you’re not sure where the airport car park is, make sure you check it out on Google maps and plan your route before you set off, so you’re not late for your flight, as the car parks aren’t always clearly signposted.

4. When your flight is delayed, make sure you keep an ear out for those announcements, as there’s nothing worse than the mad rush to board a plane that’s about to leave.

5. Make sure your passport and boarding details (along with any other important paperwork) is organised and kept together in something like a plastic wallet to avoid losing things.

6. Avoid hold-ups at security check-in by pre-packing your liquids into a clear sandwich bag the night before. Keep this in an easily accessible place and you’ll fly through security.

7. Leave in good time for the airport, as you never know what traffic jams or other hold ups you will come across – especially on Friday the 13th. Give yourself at least a couple of hours to save that mad run for the gate.

8. Adhere to weight restrictions by weighing your bag before you set off, as there’s nothing more annoying than being told your bag is too heavy – with the ultimatum of a hefty fine or having to get rid of your stuff!

9. If you don’t have any hold luggage, simply check in online the night before and enjoy an easy stroll through security. It’s wonderfully convenient and very quick!

10. Avoid potentially lengthy stops for petrol by filling up your car the night before, so you’re all ready for a non stop drive to the airport. It can make all the difference in the long run.

11. Ensure that your phone is filled with phone numbers for the hotel, car rental company, friends and airlines to avoid getting lost or just in case you need help with confirming details.

12. Reduce the chances of the metal detector going off at security by packing your jewellery and removing other metal items such as your belt (as long as you don’t need it) before you get to the airport. You can always wear it once you arrive at your destination.

13. Don’t pay through the nose for airport food and instead take a healthy packed lunch with you. This not only saves cash but also time and you can also take it onboard with you. Many people think you can’t take food through security check-in. But you can, it’s just liquids that are banned.