Traveling as a vaccinated or unvaccinated passenger

While traveling is back on the cards for everyone, there may be some slight difference in travel experiences between vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers due to the changes within the travel industry. Unvaccinated passengers are still able to travel to non red list countries. We’ve listed the differences between both passengers and what they’d need to do when traveling based on our recent experience.



Vaccinated Passengers


Vaccinated passengers are able to travel to non red list countries by showing proof of their vaccination status (2x jabs), OR a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours (this is dependent on country requirements). An NHS Covid Pass can be requested online with either a letter or digital version sent to you. This certificate is proof of your vaccination and can be used at airports for travel with no prior tests needed to be taken for most countries. Previously, vaccinated passengers were required to take a Day 2 PCR test upon their return to the UK, however, they will no longer need to from 24th October but will be required to take a cheaper antigen test which produces results within 60 minutes.


Unvaccinated Passengers


Unvaccinated passengers are allowed to travel to non red list countries but there are some rules that must be followed when travelling abroad. Unvaccinated passengers must take a PCR or Antigen test (depending on the country requirements) prior to their departure (within 72 hours before scheduled arrival time), providing proof of a negative result. When returning from abroad, an antigen test must be taken before your flight to the UK, providing proof of a negative result. Once arrived in the UK, passengers are expected to self-isolate for 10 days as well as taking a Day 2 and Day 8 PCR test.


ALL passengers are expected to complete PLF forms when traveling abroad and returning to the UK. Some countries may require passengers to complete health forms.



We advise checking your destination requirements prior to booking as these may vary.