Top 10 Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

Orlando in Florida makes a great choice for summer 2015, as the sun will be shining giving you a chance to experience the many amazing things there are to do here. Read on and get serious wanderlust…

Theme Parks

If you’re looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush then Florida is the place for you, as Orlando is home to the world famous theme parks with unnervingly fast rides. Get some thrills on the infamous Incredible Hulk rollercoaster (pictured) at the Universal Orlando Resort and the SheiKra at Busch Gardens.

Walt Disney World

Taking kids with you? No trip to Orlando would be complete without cuddles with their favourite Disney characters at Walt Disney World. Wander the streets of Disney World and you’ll soon see your favourite Disney characters come to life. Say ‘hi’ to the Disney Princesses, Woody & Buzz, Aladdin & The Genie & many more!

The Everglades

Get up close and personal with Alligators in the Everglades National Park. Glide across the surface of the water on a super fast airboat, as you’re taken on a guided tour through the swamps and creeks. These are a breeding ground for sharp-toothed Alligators, so make sure you keep your arms and legs inside the boat at all times!91403-004-DB2FAEAF


Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Centre is the place to be for budding astronauts and space enthusiasts with the chance for you to see what it takes to become an astronaut. Explore the Rocket Garden, have a go on the Shuttle Launch Experience, watch life onboard the space station and discover the exhibits.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  

Rent a car and drive to Florida Keys

This is one of the most scenic drives in America, as it will take you across the beautifully blue waters off the Florida coast. The famous drive to the island of Key West is approximately 150 miles and there are many beautiful beaches to enjoy along the way too!  florida-keys-reef-mpa_17658_600x450  

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

At the Universal Orlando Resort is where you will find this fantastic fan-pleasing Harry Potter experience. Take a ride on the Hogwarts Express, explore the Hogwarts Castle, wonder the streets of Hogsmeade, get your heart racing on the Dragon Challenge inverted rollercoasters and smaller kids will love the Flight of the Hippogriff.Universal-Islands-of-Adventure-Harry-Potter-Castle-8892i


Hire a car and visit Miami

Miami is one of the liveliest places in Florida, so why not experience it for yourself? See if you can spot some celebs on South Beach, catch some rays on the soft golden sand, explore the streets of little Havana and when the sun goes down party in the world-renowned clubs!  South Beach, Florida    

Sea World

This amazing theme park/marine zoo is the place to be if you love exhilarating rides and live shows. Take a ride on the Kraken or get close to the water on the Manta. The shows feature graceful Orca Whales and also dolphins. There are some big splashes involved so expect to get wet!  2009-Seaworld-Shamu  

Water parks!

A great way to cool off in the Florida heat is to spend your days exploring the many water parks, which feature numerous pools, exhilarating slides and thrilling rides! Check out Disney’s Blizzard Beach, head over to Sea World’s Aquatica and discover Legoland’s Winter Haven. There’s so many to choose from, with rides for all ages.  water slide  

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

If you love the ‘weird and unusual’ then make sure you stop by the world famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, where you will find human and animal oddities, shrunken heads, visual illusions and many more fascinatingly strange exhibits spread throughout 16 galleries.  Ripleys-Believe-It-or-Not-Orlando-Florida-25  

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