The top destinations for fantastic holiday photos!

There’s no denying that when we go on holiday we always want to take some amazing photos, whether it’s by the pool or at the beach, to show our friends or family. We know holidays are about having an amazing time, but also making your friends and colleagues back home kinda jealous! Here are some of the top destinations that we think are great for capturing those dreamy holiday photos.


The Greek Islands


Greece has a number of islands that travellers can visit for any type of holiday. From Mykonos to Corfu, whether you want to take in the beautiful sea views or explore the mesmerising blue and white villages of Santorini, there’s plenty of scenic spots for beautiful photos!


Aerial view of Porto Timoni, Afionas region, Corfu


The Maldives


Of course, The Maldives has to be on the list, it may be far away but it’s definitely worth a visit for those incredible views. The clear water and white sand beaches with beautiful villas, The Maldives is a dream island for everyone. 



Algarve, Portugal


The Algarve region of Portugal is becoming increasingly popular every year and a hot spot for holiday-goers. We can certainly see why! This south-coast region boasts spectacular beaches and cliffs and coves, with sparkly blue and green waters.


Beautiful sandy beach near Lagos in Panta da Piedade, Algarve region, Portugal


Positano, Italy


Italy not only boasts fantastic views but also delicious food and wine but those looking for the most breathtaking views must add the Amalfi Coast to their travel list! The ideal place for stunning shots of the village located in the cliffs and gorgeous blue water beaches.


view of Positano with flowers – famous old italian resort, Italy


Majorca, Spain


Majorca is a very popular destination when it comes to holidays, filled with stunning beach resorts. Explore the coast of Majorca, where you can find villages along the coastline and breathtaking mountain views. Take a trip to Cala D’Or and you’ll most definitely be amazed!


Panoramic view of Cala Llombards beach with turquoise clean water in Mallorca island, Spain