The Sky Is The Limit! The World’s Biggest Aeroplanes

Ever wondered what the world’s biggest aeroplanes are? When we refer to the term “biggest”, we could take an array of factors into consideration – wingspan, maximum take off weight, height, length, volume and even payload!
However, there are 4-5 aeroplanes in the world which will always be recognised by the masses as being the “biggest”. With their impressive double decker structures, incredibly long wingspans and numerous engines, it’s a surprise they even can lift off the ground..


Antonov An-225 - The World's Biggest Aeroplanes


The marvel of flight will always be a breath-taking concept, but when the machines are extensively long, ridiculously heavy and extremely tall – it really is jaw dropping stuff! Not to mention that they carry hundreds of people, and still manage to fly around 38,000 feet above the ground. From the classic “Airbus A380-800” to the legendary “Antonov An-225”, these incredible aircrafts are the epitome of sky domination. 

Antonov An-225

Focused merely on sizing and metrics, the Antonov An-225 was one of the world’s biggest aeroplanes by far (a wingspan of 290ft and a length of 275ft). This absolute monster of a plane wasn’t only the biggest in size, but it was also the heaviest – with an incredible takeoff weight of 710 tons. To put that into perspective, that’s equivalent to over 100 African elephants! This aeroplane was manufactured by the Antonov Design Buraeu in 1988, and was designed to carry commercial cargo. It was originally operated with the purpose of transporting Buran-Class Orbiters for the Soviet Space Program!

In 2020, the Antonov An-225 played in key role in combating COVID-19 as it delivered essential supplies to different countries that were facing the devastating effects of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the war between Russia and Ukraine saw the Antonov An-225 destroyed, and the ruins can now be found at the Kyiv Hostomel. Its remain will be left here for the foreseeable,  a safe place to prevent it from being damaged any further. There are rumours that the plane could be re-built, but this is yet to be confirmed.


The Airbus A380-800

This impressive aircraft structure is the largest passenger aeroplane in the world (a wingspan of 261ft and a length of 72.7ft). This phenomenal machinery has room for an incredible 850 passengers. Just wow. Because it can hold so many people, it has flown some of the longest routes around the world, but some of these routes have now been taken over by smaller planes. The Airbus A380-800 has two full length decks with an incredibly wide body dimension, allowing its many passengers the option to move freely around the aircraft. It has flown over eight hundred thousand flights, carrying over three hundred million passengers! Although the production has come to a close, this iconic model will continue to fly for years to come.


Boeing 747

With four huge engines, the Boeing 747 has been referred to as “The Queen Of The Skies”, and I think it’s fair to say, it definitely lives up to its name. A British Airways Boeing is the safest airliner to have ever been built, with a wingspan of 195ft and a length of 231ft – it is longer than two Olympic swimming pools! Boeing realised that it needed a cargo plane with a huge amount of storage, and this would only be possible if the 747 had a custom-made cargo built around it. The 747 then became the Boeing 747 Dream Lifter, carrying a huge 125 tons. Not only does it hold a ridiculous amount of cargo, but it’s also extremely visually striking. There are only four of its kind in the entire world, meaning it is among the rarest freight aircraft.

Hughes H-4 Hercules

Despite being the largest, heaviest and most expensive plane ever built (231ft in length and a wingspan of 195ft) this impressive creation only ever achieved a single flight. It was originally designed to carry more than 700 troops during World War II, but wasn’t developed in time to be used. Unfortunately, the project didn’t advance further. This impressive aircraft was often ridiculed as the ‘Spruce Goose’, but it still remains the largest flying boat to have ever been constructed.


The World's Biggest Aeroplanes Interior


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