The haunting of St Augustine Lighthouse


Our next instalment of ghoulish tales takes us across the pond to the city of St Augustine, Florida overlooking the Matanzas River.

Like with many places in the USA, St Augustine has had a colourful history and is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement within the borders of the contiguous United States and a former capital of Florida. There are a number of defining sights across the city but one that sticks out in the St Augustine Light Station.

This imposing black and white tower has stood at the north end of Anastasia Island since 1874 and is still used to guide ships and yachts to this very day. However, this lighthouse is not just inhabited by the lighthouse keepers. There has been a long debate as to what causes the noises and bangs that happen throughout the night.

Legend has it that the ghosts of two girls stalk the lighthouse with various sightings from both visitors and staff. The apparitions are believed to be the daughters of Hezekiah Pittee, who was in charge of construction of the lighthouse in the 1870s. Both his daughters were killed in a tragic accident during the building work but it seems they have not left.

The pair have been sighted on the catwalk of the tower and they are not alone. There have been reports of the apparition of a woman standing on the stairways of the lighthouse and walking on the grounds outside. Others have spoke of seeing the ghost of former lighthouse keeper and Civil War hero William A. Harn slowly making his way up the lighthouse steps.

While it is a long held belief that St Augustine Lighthouse is haunted, there are some doubters. Paranormal researchers Joe Nickell dismissed the idea stating that the abnormal noises were simply seagulls or the wind.

So, who is right? Take a tour yourself and decide whether the legends or the researcher is correct.

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