The Future Is Here – The Mask Designed To Beat Jet Lag

If you’ve ever suffered from jet lag you’ll know just how hard it can be to enjoy your holiday while dealing with tiredness and nausea, especially when all you want to do is to go out and explore in and around your new location.

Thankfully, there could be a solution for you in the form of the NeuroOn sleep mask, which is described as a ‘professional sleep and rest manager’.

jet lag sunmaster holidays
So, how does it work? We here you ask. Well, the mask itself, monitors your heart rate, eye movement, blood saturation, sleep waves and muscle tension. It then uses an app on your tablet or phone to calculate how long you should sleep for. It will then wake you after the duration of time calculated, which would hopefully have you feeling more rested. If you use the mask before flying, as well as during and after your flight, you may find that you adjust to your new time zone even quicker.

Innovative bright light therapy is also incorporated into the masks designed, which is used to manipulate your sleep pattern making you feel as if dawn is arriving.

The mask will also help to combat sleep inertia, which is the awful groggy feeling you can sometimes get when woken abruptly, making it ideal for all round use and not just for jet lag.

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