The Dubai Deep Dive

The Dubai Deep Dive does exactly what it says on the tin, and in a holiday location like Dubai, where everything is bigger and better than anything you might have seen before, you would probably expect that. Except you perhaps don’t expect to take part in a world record, but you will at the Dubai Deep Dive.



In June 2021, the Dubai Deep Dive was officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving, and at a whopping 60 metres deep this is an experience like no other, indeed, it is four times bigger than any other diving pool in the world. For a city that also hosts the world’s tallest skyscraper, I suppose we should have expected the polar opposite to also exist in some form, and with this exhilarating thrill-ride, involving 14,000,000 litres of warm fresh water (the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools), it definitely does.

A unique experience for everyone

Using a state-of-the-art water purification system, which allows the water to be maintained at a comfortable 30 degrees C, the Dubai Deep Dive provides a range of experiences designed to engage everyone from the novice diver to the experienced professionals. You might be trying to tick something off your bucket list as a one-off experience, you might be intrigued by the challenge of becoming a certificated diver or you might be an advanced pro looking for the ultimate diving experience, whatever it is, the Dubai Deep Dive can cater for you.

Located in the Nad Al Sheba neighbourhood, just 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai and 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport, there are courses and workshops and a range of different diving activities available at Dubai Deep Dive. You can go snorkelling, free-diving or scuba diving, and individually or as a group. But you are always accompanied by qualified diving instructors.



Safe environment with full training involved

In fact, the safety features at Dubai Deep Dive are almost as impressive as the sunken city you can discover and marvel at as you plunge the deepest of depths. All experiences feature a basics briefing and a shallow water practice, and the safety-controlled environment is enhanced by the positioning of 56 underwater cameras, so that you are visible in any corner of the pool.

But you can enjoy as much freedom as you desire, to explore the flooded city and the unique underwater experience enhanced by mood lighting and music. For those in your party who aren’t taking part, there are viewing windows so they don’t miss out on your thrill-a-minute adventure, and afterwards there are shops and an on-site restaurant where you can unwind and re-live the excitement as you spill forth on one of the world’s most amazing underwater experiences.