The best time to buy your travel essentials!

You’ve booked your holiday and now there are only a few things left. Planning ahead of your holiday is always important, whether that means buying all of your favourite holiday outfits in advance or planning what you’re going to do! If you’re one of those people who loves a bargain when it comes to a holiday, then we have just the tips for you to save on your travel essentials.


When it comes to holidays, summer can be an expensive time of year. With schools breaking up and many people heading off on their summer holidays, here’s how you can save for your summer holiday.



So when’s the best time to buy your travel essentials? From flip-flops to suitcases, the best time to buy your travel accessories is actually towards August and September, just as summer comes to an end! You can save a huge amount by getting your holiday shopping out of the way during this time. Accessories like sunglasses, suitcases, backpacks and clothing are more likely to be cheaper during this time of the year due to the end of seasonal sales.


As tempting as it may be to shop last-minute for your holiday, you’ll be saving much more by buying everything in advance. This may also depend on the types of products you are looking for! Gadgets like cameras and tablets are also more likely to be cheaper in September, once the back-to-school rush is over, there may also be more discount available in November due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



January can also be a great time for picking up those summer bits including sandals and sunglasses. So don’t forget to buy all of your travel essentials in advance to save for your summer getaway!