The beers perfect for your next holiday

There are not many better things in life than the first beer of your holiday. From the moment you turned on your out of office notification at work, thoughts immediately turn to the first sip of an ice cold beverage on a sunlit promenade.

The refreshing suds flowing past your lips and down your throat before you let out a joyous sigh as your survey the beautiful surroundings – perfection. This is the holiday you have been looking forward to all year and you have a drink to match your mood.

There are some truly delicious beers across Europe so we’ve picked out a few of the best tipples from some of your favourite holiday destinations to whet your whistle.

Greece – Mythos (4.7%)


Photo credit: Erik Cleves Kristensen via Flickr

When you are soaking up the sun on one of the pristine white sand beaches of the Greek islands, you need a beer that is cold, light and refreshing – you a need a bottle of Mythos. The little green bottles are a common feature across the country with the light lager quenching the thirst of locals and holidaymakers alike.

Whether you’re sitting down to devour a traditional gyro or kicking back on the beach – a bottle of Mythos is the ideal accompaniment. 

Canary Islands – Dorada (4.7%)


The Canary Islands have been a favourite among British holidaymakers for decades and, as such, the islands are well stocked with international beers. However, the region does produce of its own beers and one of these is Dorada. Brewed in Santa Cruz de Tenerife since 1948, this full bodied lager takes its inspiration from German (where better?) brewing methods creating a hugely satisfying beer.

Dorada’s red label even features a picture of the famous El Teide volcano.

Croatia – Varionica Pale Ale (5.2%)


Photo credit: Dostava Piva

In the fashionable bars of Dubrovnik, the craft beer revolution continues to take flight. Like a lot of its Mediterranean neighbours, Croatia is producing some incredible brews and one you have to try is Varionica Pale Ale. Matija Mrazek and Davor Simičić opened the Zagreb-based Varionica in 2014 and the pale ale is its signature beer.

Exuding hints of grapefruit, citrus fruits and pine this amber beer is a delicious drop for an evening watching the world go by. 

Turkey – Efes Pilsen (5%)


Greece has the green bottles of Mythos and Turkey has the unmistakable blue and gold of Efes. The undoubted king of the country’s beer scene has been brewed in Istanbul and Izmir since 1969. While you can enjoy everything from their stouts to wheat version, it is Efes Pilsen that will quell your thirst on those hot summer days.

And very much like its Greek counterparts, an Efes Pilsen is the perfect accompaniment meant to a Turkish kebab.

Cyprus – KEO (4.5%)


Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov via Flickr

When brewers came together to create a beer that could be embraced by the Cypriot people they turned to a nation of brewing masters – Czech Republic. Since the 1950s, KEO has been using those eastern European traditional recipes to keep the Mediterranean nation refreshed. The hoppy, golden lager is best enjoyed from its distinctive yellow and red bottle.

Such is its beloved status in its homeland, KEO was awarded a Gold Medal by the Brewing Industry International Award at the World’s Bottled Lager Competition.

Portugal – Dos Santos Pilsner (4.7%)


Photo credit: Alex R. via Untappd

When you think of Portuguese beer the staples of Sagres and Super Bock immediately spring to mind. However, the Iberian country has a thriving craft beer scene which is not just reserved to the achingly cool cities of Lisbon and Porto. Hailing from Carvoeiro, Dos Santos brewery is flying the craft beer flag for the Algarve.

Taking inspiration from the German Purity Law method of Reinheitsgebot it has created a deliciously golden, hoppy pilsner with a wonderfully satisfying finish.

Malta – Cisk (4.2%)


Head to the bars and restaurants of Malta and you will see a staple of the island – Cisk. This is the original beer of Malta – first brewed in the late-1920s – and remains incredibly popular to this day. Whether relaxing by the sea or dancing until dawn in the fashionable hotspots of St Julian’s, you will see a bottle of Cisk.

While it has a range of brands, the Cisk Export premium lager is among its most popular beers with its rich hoppy aroma and smooth taste creating a winning combination.

Spain – Moritz (5.4%)


Spain is awash with some true heavyweights of the beer world but it is a Barcelona favourite that you need to try. In the winding streets of the Catalan capital’s Gothic Quarter you will find the delicious drop of Moritz. A staple of Barcelona since 1856, this smooth and malty lager has been toasted across the city for generations.

You can even visit the Moritz microbrewery in the heart of Barcelona where you can taste a variety of Moritz brews and food inspired by the beer.

Mexico – Modelo Especial (4.5%)


Photo credit: Sarah Stierch via Flickr

Move over Corona, there is a new challenger for Mexico’s beer crown. Modelo Especial is made for those long days on the milky white beaches of the Quintana Roo region. This deliciously light, hoppy beverage is described as a “model of what good beer should be” and really is the ideal beverage on a scorching hot day.

And when it is paired with a freshly made soft taco? Utter bliss.

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