Take a mud bath for FREE in Costa Blanca

If you find yourself on Spain’s Costa Blanca looking for a free activity for the family – or your friends – to enjoy then take a trip to the Lo Pagan Mud Baths, near Murcia, where you can try one of the natural and rejuvenating (and free) mud baths! It’s a really memorable experience and it’s great for all ages.

Lo Pagan Mud2
You’ll need to travel to the village of Lo Pagan, which is a short distance to the south of Torrevieja and east of Murcia. It’s coastal location means that it’s very easy to get to, plus you will have a beautiful beach to take advantage of – which is great to relax on after you’ve enjoyed a mud bath and a swim.

The mud can be found in a salt lake called ‘La Puntica’ and was formed by the unique conditions created by the climate, with sizzling sunshine and the high salt content in the water creating a mud, which oozes with super important minerals.

lo pagan mud baths

You can climb down into the mud thanks to the wooden platforms that have been built allowing you easy access. Follow the platform and descend the steps and get your hands straight in. It’s around six inches deep and there’s plenty of it, so don’t hesitate to take as much as you want.

You will find a lot of people take a small bucket with them (or you could borrow those that are there), then scoop out the mud from the water and apply to your skin on the decking. If you apply it in the water then the mud will wash off your arms and legs.

lo pagan mud

You can either apply some mud to a small area of your skin or go all out and cover yourself from head to toe. The mud has a small amount of grit in it, so you can expect a cleansing exfoliating effect as you apply. This will also help to clean your skin making it look and feel smoother and rejuvenated.


Once you have applied the mud to your skin, simply sit back under the sun or take a walk along the pier as you wait for it to dry. It is quite a funny sight, seeing lots of people walking up and down looking like gorillas. Don’t forget to get some selfies to remember your unique experience…


When you feel it dry return to the lake and wash it off in the warm waters. The mud does have quite a unique smell but don’t let that put you off, as the benefits will last much longer than the smell, that’s for sure.

TOP TIP: Make sure you wash off the mud in the sea to the left of the pier. The beach on the right to the pier is sand-only – so don’t upset the locals by taking the mud to the clean beach. There is a sign giving instructions if you’re unsure.

So what’s so great about the mud?

This wonderful mineral rich mud is known for its therapeutic and healing properties making it ideal for people who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, acne, sores, abscesses, inflammation, ulcers or skin disease. It will help soothe conditions such as these and it is also great for rheumatism, gout and arthritis, as the mud helps to relax muscles and improves blood flow due to it’s ability to eliminate lymphatic toxins, plus it’s soothingly warm. Calcium, magnesium, fluorine, sulphur and potassium are just some of the important minerals that can be found in the mud.

What else is there nearby?

There is also a fantastic walking and cycling route here, which passes the mud baths, the beach and sand dunes, the marina and the salt marches, giving you the chance to see all the best bits without having to jump in the car or on a bus.

Try a mud bath for yourself and explore the nearby attractions by visiting Spain’s Costa Blanca for your holiday this year and discover that fresh feeling for yourself.

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