Sunmaster supports the Stop Sickness Scams campaign


You may have read reports in the national press in recent weeks of UK holidaymakers claiming compensation for holiday sickness.

Exaggerated and fraudulent sickness claims have been an ongoing issue within the travel industry since 2013 and now touts are increasingly encouraging holidaymakers to make claims to take advantage of a “lucrative loophole”. There have been tens of thousands of holiday sickness claims within the past year and evidence suggests that many could be exaggerated or fraudulent.

The significant rise in claims is having a damaging effect on both the UK travel industry and the reputation of British travellers overseas. Hoteliers are becoming increasingly aware of this trend and it could result in a raised cost for All Inclusive package holidays as well as reducing the amount of choice.

At Sunmaster, we want to ensure our customers do not fall foul of these schemes. Touts operate around resorts offering schemes, activities and, in some cases, encourage you to make fraudulent claims of sickness while on holiday. Be careful of who you give your information out to as touts rarely stick by data protection laws and your details could be passed on to a number of third parties.

We advise all customers to be extremely wary of anyone persuading you to make these kinds of claims; even after you return from your holiday. If it is found that the claims are either exaggerated or fraudulent it is considered a criminal matter and details will be passed on to the relevant authorities.

Sunmaster currently supports ABTA’s (Association of British Travel Agents) Stop Sickness Scams campaign which is calling on the government to close the legal loophole and cap overseas personal injury claims for up to £25,000.

If you’d like more information on the #StopSicknessScams campaign and advice on what to do should you fall ill on holiday, follow the ABTA links below:

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