UK Staycation or a Summer Vacation?

Summer Vacation Or UK Staycation

You’ve landed in your dream destination, that unforgettable feeling of summer holiday warmth hits your face. Pristine palm trees, gorgeous golden beaches and beautiful blue skies are in your sights, there really is nothing like it… The UK staycation trend seems to be on the rise, but which would you choose? A UK Staycation or a Summer Vacation?

The worldwide pandemic had deprived Brits the luxury of an exotic holiday, with many craving a trip abroad this summer. With COVID regulations, the cost of living crisis, and delayed flights taking over the news, it’s tempting to opt for a (possibly rainy and more expensive) UK staycation.

We strongly disagree! Enough is enough, we only live once. Whatever will be, will be. All the clichés are out! If the worldwide pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we should seas the day! Get it? Please don’t let the doom and gloom of the news get you down. The reality is, the destination of your dreams is still waiting for you… Book the holiday of a lifetime with Sunmaster today…

More Affordable

You may assume that a UK holiday would be cheaper than beautiful break in the Canaries or Greece. Not necessarily! It can actually be the complete opposite, but not many will take the time to do their research. There really isn’t a huge difference in terms of cost, and sometimes you can receive way better value. Before you assume a UK holiday is more affordable, take time to research the different holiday packages and deals available. You could be sunning yourself on a Mediterranean beach with a cocktail in hand, for much cheaper than it would cost to sit in a caravan in Skegness!


Enjoy A Change In Weather

No matter where you live, there’s nothing like the temperature change as you step off the plane into a new country. This is probably one of the most obvious differences between a “staycation” and “vacation”. The UK climate is completely unpredictable! Even during the Summer months, it’s important to prepare yourself for the worst. It could rain EVERY. SINGLE. DAY during your “Summer” holiday, so be sure to pack a raincoat or an umbrella. Not to mention the sea will be much colder, potentially reducing your enthusiasm for a swim (even if the sun does eventually come out!) When you’re abroad, the good weather is pretty much guaranteed. Even if you’re really unlucky and it does rain, it will still be very warm and it won’t last long at all!


Travel Time

Many visit Devon or Cornwall for their summer holiday staycation, and there’s no denying they’re are some of the UK’s most beautiful holiday destinations. Depending on where you’re going of course, visiting holiday destinations in the UK could mean an incredibly long and boring car journey. Whereas a trip to an exotic destination could only take a 2-3 hour flight!


Detach From Home Life

A stay-cation could end up being a little too similar to everyday life – you could start to work on your outstanding chores and other responsibilities. If you’re in a different country, you can completely cut off. You can even blame unanswered emails on bad hotel WIFI connection! 


Try Something New

A staycation can be great, but they can be considered more of the same. New countries, new cultures and a new temporary holiday routine are what summer breaks are all about! It is also a great opportunity to learn a new skill, language or even try a new dish. Exotic vacations can help you to feel refreshed and appreciative of your home when you return.


Everyone has their own preference, but if you’re considering value for money, a trip abroad is definitely your best option! Think beautiful weather, short travel time and endless opportunities to try new things. What more could you want? Sometimes a staycation just won’t cut it, especially after the last two years we’ve had. Whether you’re travelling with family, with a partner, or even by yourself, browse our cheap holidays 2022 and book the getaway of your dreams today!