Stronger Pound Could Mean a Cheaper Holiday For You

Thanks to the current strength of the pound, families can look forward to potentially cheaper holidays to a selection of European countries popular with holidaymakers.

According to the annual Family Holiday Report by the Post Office, costs for fifteen selected items fell by 16%. These items included sun loungers, water park access, pedalo rides and ice cream. The cheapest resort was Marmaris in Turkey at only £66.15 for all fifteen items. The cheapest destination for these in the Eurozone was Sliema in Malta at £74.16 but the most expensive at £135.09 was Nice in France.

Turkey in particular offers an increased affordability thanks to a 20% rise in value of the pound against the Turkish Lira.

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The resort of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria was the cheapest when it came to eating out, with a three-course family meal for four costing an average of £28.89, which was even cheaper than the Costa del Sol and the Algarve.

Reductions in local prices within some destinations also coincided with the biggest year-on-year price falls with Costa Blanca down 13.4%, Majorca down 15.7%, Sliema down 16.3% and Paphos down by 25.7%.

Post Office Travel Money’s Andrew Brown said that £219 was the average amount that families had broken their budget by on their last summer holiday due to giving in to ‘pester power’ from the kids.

“Letting children rule the roost could wipe out the extra spending money that parents will have in their pockets this year, thanks to sterling’s gains against the euro and other European currencies,” said Brown.

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