Strong Pound = Cheaper Holidays!

The strength of the pound is up and the Euro is down, which could only mean one thing… cheaper holidays for you and your family!

That’s right, thanks to our strong pound 19 Eurozone destinations are now around 12% cheaper. The Euro reached a new low on July 16th falling below 70p for the first time in 8 years.

This means you can save more money on your package, so you will have more to spend during your trip. It’s said that Brits take an average of £450 on holiday with them, which would work out to a saving of more than £50 if you’re planning a break in Italy, Spain or France. So why not buy a few more souvenirs or treat yourself to a few more meals out at some fancy restaurants, whatever you want to do with your spending money, the choice is yours.

Turkey is also a top choice when it comes to taking advantage of this recent change, as holidays to this fantastic destination are around 20% cheaper than they were in August last year.

If you wish to save even more then visit Ukraine, which has seen its currency fall 75% against the pound, so you will be able to get much, much more for a lot less.

However, it’s not all sunshine and cheap holidays when it comes to the strong pound, as it has been reported that the government will miss the £1tn target of exports by 2020 by 14 years, set out by the British Chamber of Commerce. This is due to the increased strength making exports more expensive, lowering order volume. Plus the Bank of England may not want to action an early interest rate rise due to the pounds strength.

In the meantime, focus on the pros and not the cons by booking one of our superb holiday deals for less by calling one of our helpful holiday advisors direct on 01274 422 341.