Spain aims to bring UK together over Brexit in new campaign

There doesn’t seem to be a day go by when the news isn’t dominated by Brexit. Ever since the UK voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, it’s all we have been able to talk about.

It has seen both David Cameron and Theresa May resign as prime minister, it has sparked a general election, it has resulted in the pound crashing in value against the Euro, it has seen the emergence of new political parties and it still hasn’t been delivered. As the government continues to squabble about what the UK actually wants from Brexit, there is a helping hand being stretched from the continent.

The whole process has often created bitter divisions in British society. You’re either a latte-drinking, Guardian-reading Remoaner or you are a nationalistic “out means out” Leaver. In our hour of need, it is good to see a friendly face providing an olive branch.

The Spanish Tourist Office (Turespaña) has a plan of bringing Remainers and Brexiteers together and it knows what we all have in a common – a love for Spain.

From Benidorm to Barcelona, we Brits simply cannot get enough of Iberia with 18.5 million of us visiting in 2018 alone. The Spanish Tourist Office’s new campaign “You have Spain in Common” encourages us to put our differences aside and ‘enjoy Spain in the same way’.

The campaign for #SpainInCommon features a promotional video which depicts “how Remainers spend a day at the beach” and “how Leavers spend a day at the beach” as a group of friends frolic on one of Spain’s sandy shores. As you can imagine, they are both hugely similar.

Isabel Oliver, the president of the Turespaña, said: “The aim of this campaign is to reassure customers that Spain is open for business and to help customers with any misinformation around how to travel to Spain in the run up to Brexit.”

The campaign is being launched across all Turespaña’s social media channels and follows on from the organisation’s 2017 ‘Spain in my Heart’ promotion which attracted over 6 million users. Meanwhile back in the UK, Brexit has been postponed until October 31st.

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