Short journey holidays

I think that we would all agree that one of the worst parts of going on holiday can be the getting there part! So the shorter the distance the better, and fortunately for us in the UK, there are a load of fantastic destinations just a short plane journey away!

If it’s amazing partying, beautiful sun, sand, sea, great food and maybe a little bit of culture that you’re after, then the Balearic Islands might just be the perfect place for you! Including the well-known and most visited islands, Ibiza, Majorca and Minorca, the Balearics will offer you the full package. If you love the nightlife then you can pay a visit to some of the best clubs in the world that just happen to be situated on Ibiza. But make sure you don’t forget about the other two as Majorca and Minorca also have some decent nightlife although it may not be on quite the same level. The beaches on all islands are mostly white sand and blue waters, with caves and rocky coves. The culture is fantastic as is the food and there is of course something for everyone, whether you are a club-scene teen or a creature of culture, and for only two hours flight time away, it really can’t get much better.

If you do fancy venturing a little further, then the little more unusual, yet just as beautiful Canary Islands, located just off of the west coast of Africa are definitely worth putting up with the four hour plane flight. The most well-known and most frequented islands in the Canaries are Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. Although the night life isn’t as good as that in the Balearics, it’s still popular and the stunning mix of black sand beaches, white sand beaches and volcanic attractions, will keep you more than happy in the daytime, not to mention all of the restaurants, cafes and entertainment attractions available! We are sure no matter where you choose to go, you will enjoy another great bargain holiday from us and find somewhere new to enjoy!