SeaWorld new rollercoaster to scale unprecedented heights


Photo credit: SeaWorld

When it comes to rollercoasters Orlando knows a thing or two. However, the popular Florida destination is set to see a giant enter their midst – meet the Mako, Seaworld’s tallest ever hyper-coaster.

Orlando may have many things but the one thing it is missing is a ride that scales 200ft and tops speeds of 70mph, well that wait is over. Mako is a new landmark for the theme park mad city and will no doubt be hotly anticipated by thrill seekers when it is finally unveiled this summer.

Named after the world’s fastest shark, this hyper-coaster (the name given to rollercoasters once they pass the 70mph mark) climbs to previously unseen heights in Orlando and then weaves at break-neck speed down the track. Flying down deep dives and navigating swooping horseshoe bends, it is guaranteed to be an exhilarating experience from the moment it begins the daunting climb.

SeaWorld is no stranger to towering ‘coasters as it currently already boasts the 149ft-high Kraken and the 140ft Manta. Both are regularly ranked among Florida’s Top 10 rides for adrenaline junkies.

Not only will Mako be the tallest and fastest ‘coasters in Orlando but it will also be the longest, covering almost a mile of steel track. Riders will feel almost complete weightlessness as it flies through the twists and turns emulating the hunting techniques of its namesake shark.

Speaking of the underwater predator, to celebrate the launch of the Mako, SeaWorld is locating the new attraction next to the shark exhibits. Visitors will be able to learn more about these amazing creatures at the Shark Encounter aquarium while also chow down at the Sharks Underwater Grill restaurant.

The launch of Mako further highlights the range of attractions at SeaWorld. Prior to Shark Encounter, the park’s last new addition was Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguin where visitors are taken on a ‘ride to the South Pole’. In the company of Puck the penguin, they embark on an adventure into the secret life of the humble penguin.

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