Say goodbye to the morning sun lounger rush


Grabbing a sun lounger by the pool can become a military operation.

Holidaymakers wake at the crack of dawn, sneak down to the pool and carefully position their towel over the very best sun loungers as if to say “this is our spot”. Whether a sun lounger has been reserved for too long or that people have simply laid out their towel and not used it for hours is always a fiercely debated issue poolside.

Well, we can now rejoice that there is an app that can alleviate all the sunbathing related tensions.

BookMySunbed has recently launched in Marbella and allows users to pre-book sun loungers in the some of the most popular hotels; some are even available up to four weeks in advance. Users simply pick out the exact sunbed location, choose whether they want regular, VIP or something known as VIP+ and confirm their booking but some of the most desired spots can cost up to £400.

The app is the brainchild of 23-year-old Daniel Jain from London who originally came up with the idea after losing a sunbed reservation. His goal then was to end the so-called ‘sunbed wars’ and develop something that would ensure that holidaymakers would not end up disappointed when they want to relax by the pool.

Daniel explained: “We found that resorts often mess up the reservations for sunbeds. Not only is it difficult to book in the first place, but the resorts often lose the details and people who think they’ve successfully booked get turned away!”

The next steps was finding a solution to this and considered if there was some universal way in which both hotels and customers could be on the same page.

“We did some research, thinking that there must be a better way to book and reserve sunbeds, but we found that nothing existed. Holidays are supposed to be about fun and relaxation, so we wanted to find a way of taking the stress and hassle out of the on-going battle for the best sun lounger.”

Not only does BookMySunbed help you book your desired spot but also alerts users when there is last minute availability and exclusive offers. It is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek and Russian with more languages due to be added soon.

So if you’re looking to end those sunbed battles, download the app for free from iOS and Google Play stores.