Say goodbye to ever losing your luggage again


There is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination, raring to go, and you find out to your horror that the airline has lost your luggage.

It means scrambling around looking for the nearest supermarket or department shop for some spare clothes for a day or two while your suitcase arrives back at your hotel. It can put a real dampener on your break and means you can’t get in the holiday mood straight away.

Well say goodbye to worrying about lost luggage thanks to a pioneering new technology.

Delta Air Lines has announced the launch of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) baggage tracking technology which allows passengers to have a real-time tracking device sent straight to their smartphone. The American carrier has invested $50 million (£34.4 million) in this new technology to help ensure it doesn’t lose any of the 120 million bags it handles every year.

The RFID system replaces the current barcode hand scanning which has been used industry-wide since the early 1990s. It uses radio waves to capture accurate and consistent data stored on an embedded chip in the luggage tag which provides a much superior tracking option.

Passengers will able to follow their baggage using the handy Fly Delta mobile app and even receive notifications throughout their journey. Alas, it probably won’t be as exciting as the journey the bags take in Toy Story 2 but it will provide the peace of mind many holidaymakers want when they’re heading abroad.

Tim Mapes, Delta’s chief marketing officer, said: “In the same way that customers want information at their fingertips about flight changes, we know our customers want clear visibility to their checked bags.

“Delta’s industry-first baggage tracking app was a good first step. RFID will allow us to set a new standard for more transparent, interactive tracking on the Fly Delta mobile app.”

The airline is set to launch the new technology by the end of 2016 and is planning to install 4,600 scanners and 3,800 RFID bag tags across its bases. So you will finally be able to stay goodbye to the problems of lost luggage.