Save Money On Your Petrol And Put Towards Your Holiday

When filling up at the local petrol station, most of us make sure that we keep a close eye on that little money gauge that seems to get faster and faster each time we fill up! And although there always seems to be some bad news on the horizon such as fuel prices getting even higher than they already are, there is some good news for you and you can take a little comfort in knowing that one of the largest supermarkets in the country has recently made the brilliant decision to declare war on high prices by introducing an offer that we will all come to love and no doubt take advantage of as often as you can!

The hugely successful and well-known supermarket chain Morrisons declared last week that customers will now be able to get 15p off per litre of fuel that they buy from the Morrison’s petrol stations once they have spent at least £60 in store! This means that if you do your weekly shop at one of the stores, you will be able to save some cash on something that seems to be a money drain these days.

Although you won’t be saving hundreds of pounds each month, taking advantage of this great offer will free up a little bit of spare cash that could be useful being used for something else – a holiday for example – As It’s hard work keeping track of all these financial changes, so why not put your few extra pounds towards a well deserved break and take a holiday abroad with one of Sunmaster’s fantastic holiday specials, which are cheaper than you think!

Flying worldwide to many fantastic affordable destinations, here at Sunmaster we are dedicated to bringing you cheap holiday deals so you can finally take that break you’ve been wanting! And when you get back, you can keep on saving with that brilliant money saving offer from Morrison’s!