Reasons you NEED to go to Spain in 2021

Wondering where to go for your next long-awaited holiday? Most of us are in desperate need of the beach, dreaming of the sound of the waves, the salty air and the sand on our feet. Spain is one of the most popular destination choices, especially for UK holidaymakers and we can understand why. Why wouldn’t you go to Spain? If you haven’t added this beautiful country to your list, here’s just some reasons why you should.


You can expect the most beautiful, scenic and picturesque beaches in Spain and its islands. In fact, the beaches are one of the many reasons why so many people choose Spain as their ideal holiday destination each year. Whether you’re holidaying in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands or mainland Spain, you certainly won’t be disappointed when it comes to Spanish beaches! Spain has nearly 5,000km of coastline with some of the world’s most beautiful Blue Flag awarded beaches. Imagine waking up to the views of the beach every day!


If the beach wasn’t a good enough reason for you to visit Spain, then the food most definitely should be. Once you taste Spanish food, there’s no going back. Indulge in tapas, Jamon and many more traditional Spanish dishes. Take a stroll to the markets where you’ll find delicious cheap market food. Spain is renowned for its seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, making a trip to the local market an enjoyable experience.


Did we forget to mention the year-round sunshine in some parts of Spain? That’s right, Spain enjoys long summers and pleasant weather year-round, making it the ideal holiday destination, even during the winter! You’ll never miss a dose of Vitamin D, with sizzling hot summers and warm winters, you can holiday at any time of the year. Along with amazing weather, you can take in the Spanish sunsets, with some cities located on a higher landscape offering the most spectacular views and sunsets you’ve ever seen!

The Islands

It’s okay if you don’t visit mainland Spain because there are plenty of larger islands and smaller ones where you can have the holiday of a lifetime. Spain is home to some of the most beautiful islands, from the dreamy volcanic landscape of Lanzarote to many sandy coves of Majorca. Experience the most enjoyable holiday with picturesque views at the Canary and Balearic Islands. Both groups of islands attract millions of tourists and holidaymakers every year for their beautiful beaches, fantastic resorts, and incredible weather.


Spain boasts some of the most beautiful architecture, with a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Take the work of Antoni Gaudi for example, the Barcelona masterpiece Park Guell will be sure to fascinate you along with Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. Visit the biggest cathedral in the world, Seville’s Gothic cathedral with its breathtaking architecture. Spain is packed full of history, architecture and stories, you’ll see some of the most stunning sights!