Reasons to visit Greece in 2021

Having a lazy bank holiday? It’s time to put the kettle on, make a cup of coffee, open your laptop and start your search for your 2021 holiday! If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend adding Greece to the top of your list of fantastic holidays. Offering delicious food, breathtaking sandy beaches, remarkable history and perfect weather, we can’t think of a better holiday destination! Browse through our Greece holidays 2021. Here’s just some of the top spots to visit when holidaying in Greece:




This magical island is Greek’s largest island, located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea. If you’re looking for magical beaches, then Crete is the best place to visit. Explore the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, Cretan beaches are among the best beaches in the world, take the famous Elafonissi beach for example, with many more to discover. The beaches aren’t the only breathtaking thing about Crete, explore the four regions; Heraklion, Rethymno, Chania and Lassithi, all of which have something different to offer for guests. Discover historical landmarks and archaeological sites, buzzing nightlife and traditional Greek villages. Expect to stay in beautiful luxury resorts offering fantastic views. Indulge in delicious Cretan food, cheese lovers can expect to find lots of cheese based dishes, perfect for vegetarians too! Travellers will also be welcomed by the warmth and friendly nature of the locals, one of the reasons Crete is a lovely holiday destination.


cosy street of Chania old town with stairs and flowers, Crete, Greece




Another beautiful place to visit in Greece is Corfu, this island is located just off the West coast of Greece. Corfu offers a range of fun and activities along with beautiful mountains, sunshine, beaches and much more. History lovers can explore The Old Fortress when visiting Corfu, built in 1546 and offering incredible views over the town and across the sea. Take a stroll through Corfu Town, a UNESCO world heritage site, known for its cobbled streets and pastel coloured Venetian architecture, you’ll be sure to be transported back in time. Explore the beautiful mountain villages, offering picturesque and gorgeous views; Sartilas, Peroulades, Pelekas and many more! Take a day to explore the wonderful museums, offering an insight into Greek history or discover the ancient Greek ruins, boasting 3,000 years worth of history. Corfu is also known for its olive trees, luscious vineyards and mountain peaks as well as the splendid beaches, such as Nissaki beach.





When we think of Zante, there’s only one image that comes to mind and that is of course the most photographed spot – the breathtaking shipwreck beach known as Navagio beach is the epitome of beauty. With its’ vibrant blue and dramatic rocky backdrop, this location is paradise for those looking for the perfect Instagram shot! The mysterious shipwreck beach is the most mesmerising viewpoint Zante has to offer, so you’ll definitely have to opt for a boat trip to see this beauty! Zante has many other fantastic caves, for example, explore the blue caves – a surreal setting which boasts blue, clear shimmery waters and why not hire a canoe to paddle in and out of the caves? A once in a lifetime experience for those travelling to Zante. Another great reason to visit Zante is the exquisite food, with local cuisine offering high quality ingredients, travellers are guaranteed to be satisfied, especially wine lovers!


Navagio beach, famous landscape of Zakinthos island with flowers, Greece




Lastly, another gorgeous place to visit is Kos, one of the second largest of the Dodecanese islands after Rhodes. The Kos island is rich in history and culture along with diversity. Take a stroll through the main town where you can enjoy endless walks while also observing the history of the island throughout, dating back to the Ottoman and Italian rule. Discover the Asklepion which will be sure to keep you mesmerised. Asklepion is known as the healing temple in ancient Greece where people would visit and be treated for physical or mental diseases. The Kos island offers a plethora of ancient sites that will amaze travellers from around the world. Those looking to relax can enjoy the lovely beaches or the Therma Hot Springs, a natural reserve with hot springs bubbling up through rock. Up for some fun? Plan a day trip to Aquatica Water Park, where you can enjoy a fun-filled family day out.



Whether you’re visiting Crete, Corfu, Zante or Kos – Greece definitely has a lot to offer so book your holiday today!