Reasons to choose Magaluf

If you need a reason to go to Magaluf, that can only be because you have never been there, because not only is it now one of the most popular party resorts in the Balaeric islands, it is the one that people keep returning to year after year.

Magaluf is on the south west coast of Mallorca, just a 25-minute ride from Palma Airport, and it’s free and easy accessibility is in tune with the non-stop party vibe that effortlessly brings the island to life all-year-round. The resort has built a solid reputation from the 1960s onwards and is now one of the go-to resorts in the region, rivalling Ibiza as the party capital of the Balaerics.


Soak up the sun in Magaluf


By day Magaluf can offer three top class beaches, and many people may not stray too far from the main Magaluf beach, which offers water sports, boat trips and plenty of space to just relax, soak up the sun and de-tox for a few hours whilst discussing your plans for tonight. But there are two other beaches too if you fancy some quiet time away from the crowds. Cala Vinyes and Cala Falco are just a short stroll along the newly refurbished promenade for you and your group and offer just as much access to the golden sands and endless, guaranteed sunshine of the island.

If you fancy a break from the beach there are large shopping malls in the resort, whilst more active attractions such as Pirates, House of Katmandu, Karting Magaluf, Aqualand and the Western Water Park should keep you suitably distracted, and really cement Magaluf as delivering the best entertainment and value-for-money around.


Magaluf Beach and Bay, Calvia, Mallorca, Balearics, Spain


The new party capital of the Balaerics


This is all just gearing up to what you get up to at night, however. Bar-lined streets are what Magaluf is famous for, and whilst local and international cuisine is available everywhere, the bar scene has built Magaluf’s name in recent years. Top names on the DJ and dance music circuit and big radio stations regularly visit the bars and clubs of Magaluf, and the 24/7 party scene is what most holidays here are all about. You can plan your holiday around nightlife events, and drinks and club-pass deals are always available, with plentiful all-inclusive deals to ensure you never miss the action.

Stylish beachfront hotels offer some great deals for your travelling party and there is copious accommodation offering pool parties, boat parties and foam parties. This all adds up to Magaluf being one of the most affordable party resorts in Europe, and because it is the location that knows how to deliver, it is sure to become the resort you keep coming back to.