Puerto Vallarta – Sophisticated Holidays In Mexico!‏

If you want to get away from it all this yearMexico holidays and head somewhere where you can relax on beautiful beaches but still have plenty to choose from, then the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta is a great choice for your 2012 holiday! Located on the beautiful west coast of Mexico and surrounded by thick, lush rainforests where the sweet smell of mango trees fills the air, Puerto Vallarta will have you relaxed in an instant and although very popular with tourists, thanks to the lack of big clubs and party districts, the atmosphere is always peaceful and laid back unlike the busy ‘party’ atmosphere of other popular resorts in Mexico such as Cancun.

The beaches near Puerto Vallarta are a fine example of how beautiful Mexican beaches can get and with the fine, white sand stretching along the coastline there will be no need to rush to grab a spot in the early hours, as there is plenty of room for everyone! The turquoise waters are stunningly beautiful and surprisingly warm even in the winter months, so don’t forget to make a note that Puerto Vallarta makes another great destination that’s sunny all year round! If you’re looking for a bit of fun in the water then there are some great watersports to take advantage of especially on Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beach, Los Muertos! Here you can also enjoy some great restaurants and cafes and also enjoy the beautiful scenery, beautiful, white sand and turquoise waters in one direction and stunning hills covered in thick rainforest in the other!

To keep you busy there are some great activities and attractions to visit, such as the Vallarta Botanical Gardens where you will be able to see some rare plant life and learn about each one individually. The experience is made a little more exciting by the distance you have to travel into the rainforest to reach the gardens, up to 12 miles! But don’t let the traveling put you off as this is still a great experience that can be very relaxing thanks to the secluded location of the gardens!

If the kids would prefer something a little more ‘active’ then the fantastic Aquaventuras Park will be just what they need! This large waterpark boasts some impressive slides for the kids, a lazy river for the adults and most impressive of all, the opportunity to swim with sea lions and dolphins! Making this an unforgettable experience for everyone no matter what their age!

To help keep everyone fully fueled and ready for more there are some wonderful restaurants serving a fine selection of delicious cuisine throughout the resort as well as cafes to help keep everyone hydrated! The shops in Puerto Vallarta are most definitely worth exploring, as nearly all of them are independently run so picking up a unique gift is easy! The only hard bit is making a decision as to what to buy due to the wide selection of great products!

Puerto Vallarta has a pleasant, sophisticated charm that will keep you relaxed and will also have you wanting to come back again and again! To find out more about Puerto Vallarta Holidays 2012 and other cheap holiday deals, contact us here at Sunmaster to book now or find out more!