Puerto Rico – One Of Grand Canaria’s Hottest Resorts!‏

When we hear ‘Puerto Rico‘ the majorityGran Canaria holidays of us are more than likely to think of the small self-governing commonwealth located in the Caribbean sea just a stones through from the Dominican Republic. However, the name is also shared by a fantastic resort that is located on the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands and although this Puerto Rico may be a long distance away from the other, there is still as much to do and the weather is just as amazing!

The resort was designed and built especially to accommodate tourists and thanks to the landscape being shaped by ancient volcanic activity, many hotels offer an amazing view of the sea and surrounding areas as some are perched atop high volcanic cliffs! This contributes to the resorts own unique character and with the island being so close to the African coast, the weather is fantastic all year round, even in the winter season where you can expect an average of 20-25 degrees Celsius! This makes the resort the perfect destination for beach lovers and sun worshipers! However, the sun can get pretty sizzling even in the winter season so make sure you have a hefty supply of sun lotion to help keep that infamous ‘lobster look’ at bay!

Anfi beach has to be one of, if not the best beach on the resort due to it’s decent size and luxurious white coral sand! And what is white coral sand doing in the Canary Islands? Well, due to the islands sand being mainly black originally due to volcanic activity, this white sand was imported from the Caribbean coral beds giving the resort the feel of a Caribbean resort mixed in with a volcanic landscape!

There are also many activities to keep everyone entertained, such as golf courses, mountain walks and a selection of water activities in the warm waters, as well as a fine selection of bars, clubs, cafes and shops, so you will never be at a loss at what to do!

If you would like to explore the area, bicycle rentals are available as well as car rentals so exploring the area can be cost effective and fun!

Grand Canaria’s Puerto Rico resort is a great destination for all and with our cheap holiday deals on offer all year round, you can take advantage and book your 2012 holidays now! To find out more contact us here at Sunmaster and we will be happy to help find you your perfect holiday destination for a great price!