Passenger films incredible time-lapse video of Malaga to Liverpool flight

Uploaded by Garry Finch via YouTube

We can often take air travel for granted seeing it as a means to an end and just the pre-amble before starting our holiday.

However, a new time-lapse video has shown just how magnificent flying across the open skies can be. Garry Finch, IT manager and a keen photographer filmed what would seem a fairly routine Malaga to Liverpool flight from the window of the plane and managed to highlight just how wonderful flying can be at times.

Starting on the ground at a sunkissed Malaga Airport, the easyJet flight prepares to embark on the 1,154-mile journey. As it climbs out of the Costa del Sol, the stunning coastline becomes a distant memory of another enjoyable holiday. Garry manages to get some incredible footage of the mountains of mainland Spain as it heads onwards to England.

As the journey progresses the landscape begins to change with the terracotta plains of Iberia replaced with the blue of the Bay of Biscay. It’s not long before we’re heading back under the clouds to see the rolling green hills of Great Britain and, of course, the inevitable gloomy weather.

Grey skies and drizzle welcome Garry as the flight touches down on the tarmac of Liverpool John Lennon Airport and another holiday comes to a close.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Garry said: “We had non-stop sunshine in Spain so coming back to some rain was a bit depressing.

“I really like timelapse video and I thought a flight would be a good thing to capture.

“I always like the view over clouds and it was bright and clear, so it was a great opportunity.

“One day I hope to move away from IT and spend more time behind my cameras, and also get back to teaching photography, which I’ve enjoyed in the past.”

Flying at times can seem like a chore but allows you to see sights you never normally would. So next time you’re heading abroad, switch off from the in-flight movie, snoring passengers and questionable food and just enjoy the view.

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