Our Sunny Destinations – Perfect For Escaping The Winter Weather‏

Although we are all used to the unpredictable UK climate, there has never been a better time to escape and head somewhere a little warmer where you can relax to the limit and not have to worry about whether it’s going to rain, snow, sleet or shine from one day to the next! That’s why we’re bringing you some inside info on some of our fantastic world wide destinations that offer many great attractions, pastimes and even better weather!

First up has to be Cyprus and it’s many great resorts, which not only offer much to keep you entertained but also nearly 340 days of solid sunshine throughout the year so you can really cook yourself even when the UK is buried under freezing snow! For the person who enjoys a lively night scene and great socialising, then the infamous resort of Ayia Napa is perfect for you, as it is known for being a strong contender against Ibiza for party capital of the world and with it’s many great clubs, bars and beaches to party on, you can continue the ‘socialising’ long into the night and early morning without any trouble at all – and in the day time, relax in the sun with the opportunity to even take part in some great water activities! For family friendly holidays, the resort of Protaras is a great choice and is becoming very popular with tourists making it a very lively area without the heavy club scene enthusiasts. No matter where you decide to visit in Cyprus, there are plenty of fantastic beaches with beautifully soft sand and amazing clear blue waters, not to mention the countless activities

Spain is a great choice if you’re looking for a bit of sun, mainly due to the vast choice of locations around the world because when we say ‘Spain’ we also include the Spanish Balearic Isles and the exotic Canary Isles! Mainland Spain is a great destination as it has a fine selection of some of the most entertaining resorts within Europe, including the popular Costa del Sol and Costa Brava, which both offer great beaches, many attractions and dozens of fine restaurants, bars and shops. Also, one of the most convenient things about choosing Spain or one of the Balearic isles as your holiday destination, is that they are all only around two hours flight time away from the UK, meaning that you don’t have to waste an entire day travelling to your chosen destination! However if you don’t mind an extended flight time of around four hours from the UK then the Canary Isles are a great choice! Located off of the west coast of Africa, the weather, as you can imagine, can get pretty toasty and up to 30 decrees celsius in the shade even in March! Which is a definite winner if you’re looking for a lot of sun and heat to match! There are many great resorts and attractions to take advantage of, including some very interesting volcanic sites just as the Green Caves and the exotic black sand beaches, which in contract to the blue waters look absolutely stunning!

Wherever you want to visit for your 2012 holiday, we will help you in your search for sun! Contact us here at Sunmaster to find out more about booking your dream holiday today!