Man smuggles 94 iPhones into China

An unfortunate phone smuggler was recently arrested by Chinese customs officials for concealing a total of 94 iPhones, as he attempted to enter the country.

The man in question who is said to be a Hong Kong citizen, strapped a selection of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models around his legs, torso and crotch area using masking tape and plastic bags. Surprisingly it doesn’t seem to look as obvious as one would think but unfortunately for him, customs officials weren’t fooled and quickly collared the sneaky iPhone smuggler. It is said they noticed his unusually stiff posture when trying to walk, leading them to discover the haul.


This unusual tactic for smuggling phones is apparently fairly common and is referred to as ‘mobile armour’. Although the iPhone 6 models are currently available in China, it is still common for stolen phones to be smuggled into the country, where they can be sold for a quick profit. Maybe if he was a bit more relaxed he might have gotten away with it!

The collection of phones are now under the watchful eye of Chinese customs officials, so if you’re thinking of making some ‘mobile armour’ yourself, it might be best to think again!