Luxor – Ancient Egypt at it's best!‏

Egypt is without a doubt one the the bestEgypt holiday resort places in the world to visit if you want to see the history of an ancient civilisation first hand, but if you’re a little unsure of where to go in Egypt to see some of the best site, then we definitely recommend that you check out the incredible city of Luxor!

Located in the upper part of southern Egypt, Luxor is one of the most popular cities for tourists visiting the country and although the city houses a relatively small population in comparison to other parts of Egypt, it still has everything you need to keep you entertained.

Luxor has many districts within, however there are two main districts that divide the area in to two major parts, the East Bank and the West Bank. Since ancient times, the East Bank has been the centre of everyday living and still is today, as the majority of hotels and other tourist accommodations are located here and it’s a fantastic area to stay in! Some of the best sites in the district include The Temple of Luxor, the Temple of Karnak (Which includes the Karnak Open Air Museum), as well as Luxor Museum where you can see the awesome Statue of Amenhotep III and the Museum of Mummification, which is home to a small but very fascinating display devoted the practices of mummification. We are sure that you will be most impresses with the amazing sites especially the Hypostyle Hall at Karnak.

The West Bank of Luxor was the original Capital city of Egypt and formerly known as Thebes. This is most likely the reason the area is home to some of the most impressive ancient architecture in the whole of Egypt. Unlike the East Bank, ancient Thebes contains many mortuary temples and tombs. It also holds the gateway to the Valley of the Kings.

Although the hotels are not as popular as those on the East Bank, the West bank still has some fantastic accommodation, which is definitely recommended if you would prefer to see the sites on the West side.

There are also some amazing restaurants throughout Luxor as well as other entertainment such as internet cafes. Although the city is full of ancient architecture and history, Luxor is still a modern, thriving city, so there is always plenty to do.

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