Lucky Brit Gets 747 To Himself!

We’ve all dreamed about flying on our very own private jet but imagine what it’s like to have an entire 747 to yourself? Well that’s exactly what lucky chess player Nigel Short from Lancashire got to experience when he flew from South Africa to Zimbabwe.

Nigel was initially told when he checked in that he was one of only four people booked on the flight. “So, I got to my gate on time and there was no one there. I was uncomfortable because I thought maybe I made a mistake or arrived too early.” He said.

After double-checking his flight information in the main terminal, he returned to the gate but still no one was there. The Air Zimbabwe crew then arrived and informed him that he would be the only passenger on the flight.

He said “I’ve been on other private planes and small planes, but there were more passengers on those,”

“Everything was addressed to me personally, everything began ‘Mr Short’.

“It was all smiles and it was a bit of a joke, really. But they went through things in the proper way. I think they very much saw the funny side of the whole thing as well.”

The crew performed the standard safety demonstration and he then moved to a window seat, which was nice and easy considering he had a whole 105-seat plane to himself.

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