Lara Beach & Antalya – A Turkish Paradise‏

Are you a sun worshiper like us? Of courseLara Beach you are, that’s why we are sure you will love the focus of our latest article, Lara Beach in the exotic – yes you guessed it –Turkey! (Don’t worry we know you probably didn’t guess it).

Located near Antalya, a city on the coast of south-western Turkey, Lara Beach is quickly becoming the number one holiday spot for us lot from the UK!

With it’s year round sunshine and average temperatures above 30 degrees celsius, you will be able to roast yourself silly seven days a week, 365 days a year; and with rainfall being very rare, it’s unlikely that you will have to pack your brolly next to your swimsuit!

The coastline, which stretches out in both directions for nearly 1600km (994 miles) and centres directly on Lara Beach and the town of Antalya is known as the Turquoise Coast. Now we’re not going to give you any guesses at why it’s called the Turquoise Coast, as I’m sure you already know (because the waters are so beautifully clear and exotic that they appear turquoise in colour to the human eye) so we won’t bother mentioning why. Like most exotic waters, they make the perfect environment for certain water activities such as snorkelling, diving and if you don’t fancy getting wet, then you can head out for a day of yachting or if that sounds too complicated, just regular boating.

There are of course plenty of chances to escape the seductive luxury of Lara Beach by heading in to the town of Antalya itself; but make sure you’re not put off by the word ‘town’ as it is definitely not a small place! The majority of the towns architecture is modern, where you will find many fantastic shops, including big brand names as well as local sellers. This is where you will find the restaurants, bars and everything you’ll need for a decent nightlife scene; and one thing we mustn’t forget is the chance to enjoy the towns culture! Although very modern there are still plenty of examples of the towns past, the main one being the beautiful roman port that joins the town to the coast.

So whatever you do, make sure that you don’t miss it and come on over to Sunmaster next time you’re in need of a flexible and affordable holiday and discover the beauty of Turkey in person!