Kissimmee – A Great Place For Everyone In Florida!‏

As long as you don’t mind the extended flightKissimmee holidays time compared to the closer destinations in Europe, Kissimmee in Florida is definitely worth the extra hours of traveling as the city itself and the surrounding areas offer much to keep the whole family busy throughout your stay making it the perfect destinations for family friendly holidays!

Although Kissimmee is located 30 miles inland away from the main beaches, you will still have the opportunity to relax and soak up the sun on soft sand in front of beautiful waters thanks to the two man-made lakefront beaches that the city has to offer, which are perfect for those lazy days where the whole family can relax and have a day of simple fun.

As well as having many chances to relax, there is still much that will want to keep you on your feet and moving such as the 4700 acre wildlife conservation area Forever Florida where you can see an amazing range of Flora and Fauna as well as Florida’s more interesting natural residents such as black bears, alligators and the endangered Florida Panther! And don’t worry, you won’t have to walk through the area as there is a fun selection of ways to negotiate the 4700 acres including horseback tours, for the more adventurous there’s the option of ziplining through the trees or for those who have small children or would just prefer to relax a little there are coach tours available! No matter what your preference, there’s something for everybody!

If you really want to spoil the family then the unique Disney World resort in Florida is just a short distance away from Kissimmee! With the amazing rides, shows and attractions within the park alone, there is enough to keep everyone entertained for days at a time!

For the aeroplane enthusiast there is the Warbird Air Museum, which focuses on restoring WW2 aircraft back to their orginal flying conditions! Guided tours are always available and a tour makes for a very interesting visit indeed even if watching planes being restored isn’t your favourite past time!

You can also enjoy hot air balloon rides, swamp buggy rides and much more, as well as taking the time off to enjoy the many fantastic shops where you can find some unique items as well as the best brand name items available! The wonderful restaurants will keep you fed and the many cafes will keep your energy levels up for all of the exploring! Kissimmee offers something for everyone, even if you’re a beach lover!

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