Jump into the best diving spots of Europe

Every holiday it’s nice to create a never-to-be-forgotten moment. Whether it’s visiting a historical monument or seeing a natural wonder, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the most popular activities when holidaying around Europe is scuba diving. Diving schools are prominent across the Mediterranean catering for everyone from novices to seasoned divers. There are some sights below the waters ranging from shipwrecks, reefs and a wealth of tropical sealife. Scuba diving is an exhilarating experience so we’ve picked out some of our favourite spots for you to try it out.

Gozo, Malta


Forming part of the collection of archipelagos which make up Malta, Gozo is a spectacular rural landscape. Its landscape is populated with buildings dating back to the 15th and 16th century, when a Citadel aimed to keep villagers safe from pirates, but it’s what is below the Mediterranean waters which have kept visitors coming back.

In the north-west of the island close to the town of Dwejra is the Blue Hole. This natural rock formation has been shaped by the wind and waves over centuries creating an amazing underwater cove. Divers swim through the arch entrance passing over reefs where they can run into marine life such as parrot fish, bream, moray eel and even octopus.

Sardinia, Italy


Lying off the coast of Italy is the idyllic island of Sardinia. Famed for fine food and even finer wine, it also boasts some incredible diving spots. The island is surrounded by a number of wrecks that have fallen to the deep in years gone by. They make for some of the most interesting sites and it can be hard to pick from.

Our favourite is the Entella located in the gulf Cagliari. This freighter transported coal across the Mediterranean but was sunk by an English submarine in 1943, it lies 15 metres below the surface making it perfect for beginners. With not as much marine life swimming around, it provides more time to spend exploring this magnificent wreck. 

Madeira, Portugal


Swimming with dolphins is typically high up on many people’s bucket list and in Madeira you can make that dream a reality. A number of dolphin playgrounds are located a short distance from the Portuguese island’s coast and many diving companies running tours to these areas.

These snorkelling excursions allow holidaymakers the chance to see playful bottlenose dolphins frolic in their natural habitat. This could be an once-in-a-lifetime experience and you may get lucky and see a sea turtle floating about, although the dolphins probably take the main prize.

Larnaca, Cyprus


A huge favourite among divers is the Cypriot holiday resort of Larnaca thanks to the Wreck of Zenobia. Regularly featuring in the top 10 recreational dive sites in the world, it is a fascinating spot to explore. The ship itself, a Swedish ro-ro ferry, sank close to the Laraca coast on its maiden voyage in 1980 and it has since become a fascinating diving site.

It is perfect for divers of all experience with the top of the ship being at a depth of 18 metres. Articulated trucks which went down with the Zenobia are scattered around the wreck at various depths while the propellers at the stern are still attached. The Zenobia is among the most memorable dive sites in Europe and is a must for any diver.

Vis, Croatia


Set in the Adriatic Sea is the beautiful Croatian island of Vis. As the country becomes increasingly popular with holidaymakers; the island has been gaining a reputation as a diver’s paradise. Every corner of the island boast fascinating sites from the wrecks of World War II-era planes near Rukavac to calm reefs close to Komiža.

One of the most interesting wrecks on Vis’ coastline is the Vassilos T near the cape of Stupisce. The Greek cargo ship sank during a stormy night but went down on its port side making it perfect for divers. This is just one underwater treasures waiting to be discovered below Adriatic surface.

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