Isla Mujeres – A piece of mexican paradise‏

Isla Mujeres, which is spanish for ‘Island Cancun holidaysof Women’ is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the whole of the Mexican Caribbean Sea; and unlike it’s neighbour, Cancun, Isla Mujeres is perfect for those calm, relaxing get aways where there is little chance of interruption from rowdy tourists looking for heavy nightlife.

As you’ve probably guessed by the location, temperatures on the island are excellent all year round, especially in the summer where temperatures can get sweltering hot and climb above 32 degrees celsius! This gives you a great excuse and opportunity to take to the incredible waters surrounding the island, where depending on the season, you can take advantage of the islands Whale Shark Tours, which for a very reasonable price, you can see the whale sharks first hand by donning the snorkelling gear and taking to the water in timed intervals over a certain period, usually an hour. But don’t be put off by the word ‘shark’ as whale sharks are harmless to humans, so get that image of a jaws movie out of your thoughts and try something that you can tell your friends about!

If you love the sound of that then you’ll also love Garafon Park, where you can take full advantage of the beautiful, crystal clear waters and discover the beauty of the protected Coral and all of the amazing sea life that dwells there!

If you love the idea of being close to the local sea life but don’t fancy the insecurity of being in the open ocean, then Dolphin Discovery is the perfect choice for you! Located on the northwest side of the  island, there is a small little amusement park that offers you the chance to be in a secure, enclosed area where you can interact with dolphins. This will not only be great for you but an amazing experience for the kids as well without the worry of open water!

There is also plenty to keep you entertained on land, such as fantastic restaurants, great scenery and gorgeous, white sandy beaches; but remember that the island is for those who want to get away from hectic lifestyles and busy holidays.

Isla Mujeres really is the prime destination for those seeking a laid back holiday, where you have little distraction from relaxing!