Introducing the latest air travel innovation – upright seats


Photo credit: Aviointeriors

When it comes to air travel there is somewhat of a love-hate relationship. Some people enjoy the sense of adventure barrelling over land and sea while others see it as an arduous, uncomfortable necessity before the beginning of a holiday.

However, have you ever sat in your seat preparing for take-off and thought “this is nice but what it really lacks is the experience of the number 7 bus during rush hour”. Well, your prayers have been answered as manufacturer Aviointeriors has unveiled their latest innovation which could make flying feel just like your morning commute.

The Skyrider 2.0 is everything you could want from an airline seat. It puts passengers at a somewhat odd angle and reduces their legroom from 28 inches to 23. Unveiling the new product at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the Italian company explained that the upright style of seating would allow airlines to introduce “ultra-high density” configuration to their cabins.

It would also enable carrier to fit 20% more people on board and potentially help to alleviate the number of busy flights. The seats are said to weigh 50% less than standard economy seats and are cheaper to make.

Aviointeriors said: “The Skyrider 2.0 opens the travelling experience to a wider passenger market, creating also a useful space for the introduction mixed classes boarded on the same aircraft.

“Its main feature is the original bottom that ensures an increased upright passenger position allowing installation of the seat at a reduced pitch, while maintaining an adequate comfort.”

Whether passengers would be open to the idea of standing up on a flight or whether airlines will invest in this type of technology remains to be seen. However, it would provide air travel the opportunity to tap into the much-loved bus and train experience of being huddled together on a busy service.

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