Here’s how Halloween is celebrated around the world

Whether you’re looking to escape the horrors and ghosts or make the most of spooky season – here’s the top destinations where Halloween is the spookiest! From festivals to Halloween tours, we can guarantee these top destinations will have you spooked.



If one day of Halloween isn’t enough, how does three sound? You can celebrate Dia de los Meurtos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico starting on October 31st until 2nd If you’re visiting Mexico for Halloween, you can expect a carnival, folk dances and plenty of costumes. Each city and town offer a different way of celebrating Day of the Dead. This isn’t just Halloween, but a tradition of this celebration is to honor the dead, believed that the spirits return to be with their families on this day.




You can also celebrate traditions like Day of the Dead in Spain, however you can expect a lot more Halloween themed club nights! With Halloween theme tours and parties, Barcelona may be worth a visit where you can explore the Gothic Quarter, which is the home of amazing architecture, it’s definitely a place you can add to your travel list.


Barcelona Gothic quarter, Carrer del Bisbe



Ireland is also a great place for those not wanting to venture too far. Halloween in Ireland is known as ‘Samhain Night’. In Derry City you can expect nine days of carnival of all things spooky. Yes, that’s right… NINE days of spookiness! With the Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival from 25th October to 2nd From parades, fireworks, fire dancing to numerous family events, you won’t be disappointed. After all, Ireland is where Halloween originated and remains one of the best places to celebrate it.


Black and white photograph of Derry City and Craigavon Bridge at Dusk



Are you a fan of legends and folk tales? You can certainly add Romania to your list if the answers yes, especially if you’re a fan of Dracula! Explore the enveloping forests and Gothic architecture. The Bran Castle, the home and inspiration of the famous Dracula, is open to the public and flocked by brave visitors every year. Where else would you want to be on Halloween? You can join guided tours, eat delicious Romanian cuisine, enjoy live medieval Romanian folk music, and learn about the terrifying legends. Just don’t forget your costume!


Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania, known as “Dracula’s Castle”.