Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Heathrow Airport? Now you can!


Have you passed through airport security and thought you would like to recreate this experience in your own home? Have you ever wanted to put your breakfast on a baggage carousel which delivers it to your front room? Have you ever dreamed of having a dinner party and ensuring none of your guests are carrying concealed liquids over 100ml by having them pass through a security scanner?

Well now you can!

Items from Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 1 are set to go under the hammer on April 21st providing a unique opportunity for all aviation history buffs. Auction firm CA Global Partners are looking to generate a six-figure sum when the series of escalators, security cameras, baggage carousels and check-in desks, 1950s artwork, airport signage and much more go up for grabs.

Daniel Gray, from the auction firm, said: “Some of the contents has significant historic value and there may even be elements of the furnishing that would appeal to nightclubs or other entertainment venues.

“A sale such as this, comprising the entire contents and infrastructure of an entire major airport terminal, is unprecedented to say the least.

When opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1969, Heathrow’s Terminal 1 became London premier airport hub and was home to British Airways ever since. At the time it was the largest of its kind in western Europe welcoming flights from all over the world. Having undergone a series of renovations, Heathrow said a fond farewell to Terminal 1 in 2015 as it was replaced with Terminal 5.

So what can you bid for to ensure you can create your own homage to one of the iconic transport hubs of the United Kingdom?

Among the items is a piece of signage directing you to the other transport links including Heathrow’s Central Bus Station and the Underground station as well as another helpful item is a ‘UK Border’ sign so you can re-enact the exciting process of passing through passport control.  

How about a spot of excellent airport art? Well, you won’t be disappointed with the sheer wealth of black and white images of the London skyline, a classic British telephone box and the Southbank. However, if you like your artwork a little more abstract then there are a series of 1950s pieces by Stefan Knapp that will guarantee to brighten your home.

While CA Global Partners are hoping the security scanners will appeal to bars and nightclubs, you could bring the fun of the airport to your front room. You could even reconstruct the beauty of a cancelled flight by sleeping on your newly purchased, authentic and incredibly uncomfortable Terminal 1 seats.

Could there be a more perfect way to remember this titan of British aviation?

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All images courtesy of Thomas Nugent