Greek island named the best in Europe


The Greek islands have been long-time holiday favourites for tourists across the world but one has been elevated above the rest.

Santorini has been named as Europe’s best in a new poll from users of TripAdvisor. The Greek and Spanish islands dominated the top 10 with Crete and Rhodes joining their Aegean counterpart while Majorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria represented Iberia. There was even room for a UK representative with Jersey edging out the Island of Capri.

However, it was Santorini that took the coveted title and even ranked second in the world top 10, being beaten narrowly by the Hawaiian island of Maui. It is easy to see why the volcanic island floating in the Aegean Sea has been regarded as a slice of paradise.

The iconic white and blue buildings dominate its coastline while its landscape is simply stunning. Many people flock to this part of the world just to see the sunset with places like Ia and Fira offering some of the best views you are likely to find anywhere in the world, let alone in Europe. Then, of course, there are the hugely popular beaches which range from the rocky Red Beach to the pristine sands of White Beach and Perivolos.

Santorini is a real favourite for history buffs. It boasts a host of must-see historic sites, none more so than Akrotiri. This is Greece’s Pompeii, a 3,500 year old Minoan town which is preserved in volcanic ash with visitors still able to make streets, buildings and even stairs from the remains. There is also the classical city of Thera, found in the 9th century BC and paint the story of ancient Greece.

The Greek island was one of just two European representatives in the world top 10, joined by Majorca. The likes of Jamaica, Bali, Mauritius, Phuket, Bora Bora and the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha made up the remainder of the list.

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